Friday, July 06, 2007

the unexpected.

I thought yesterday was going to be a boring, uneventful day and I wouldn't have anything to blog about. I was wrong.

We got a call from our supervisor about 9 am and he told us that he was coming to the house in about an hour to do an intake--we were getting a new girl. We were quite excited to experience our first intake and about getting the new girl. Everything went well and the transition has been smooth so far. During the intake, we find out that we have tickets to the Essence Music Festival that night...holla! We also got tickets to attend some of the seminars going on yesterday afternoon. So--we went along with the boys residential home and went to the seminars. We had a nice time there and got to hear some inspirational speakers: the Lt. Governor of Louisiana, Marion Wright Edelman (the founder of the Children's Defense Fund) and a few other speakers. We also got to see Bobby Valentino and the girls got his autograph. Last night we went to the concert and got to hear Ciara, Ludacris, and some others that I don't know who they were (hehe). The concert was held at the Superdome. This was Matt's & my first time to the Superdome and it is a very bittersweet place. Just to know that so many people suffered and died there during Katrina breaks my heart. But the Dome is also a symbol of renewal and hope for this city. We sat almost at the very top of the Dome and it was very scary! The seats on the top level are very steep and it makes you feel like you could just fall forward at the drop of a hat. We got some pictures that I'll post later. Anyway, the concert was fun and our girls had a great time. So, we went from having absolutely nothing on the calendar to having a very busy day! That's how life goes in this house!

In other news, I am SO glad to have cable again. I am addicted to TLC (especially Bringing Home Baby) and Matt is addicted to the Discovery Channel (Dirty Jobs and Myth Busters). We feel like we are living in luxery! Now, if we only had DVR...I missed the first episode of Big Brother last night. Oh the sacrifices I make for Ciara and Ludacris.

Oh, my parents and brother just got two new kittens. They are absolutely precious and had to post their picture!

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