Thursday, December 28, 2006

Prayer for Jenna's family

Please pray for Jenna Witherspoon's family. Jenna was a precious little girl that went to our church that has been battling brain cancer since 2004. Jenna went home to be with her Heavenly Father yesterday. Pray for her family that they will be comforted in this difficult time. If you want to know more about Jenna and her story visit her Caringbridge site at

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

new year's resolutions

Just read my friend Courtney's blog & was inspired by her to make some new year's resolutions...

*To spend more time with God--in prayer and His Word. This is such a hard thing for me to do. I am not very disciplined at this and it's something I really desire. My mom recently gave me Beth Moore's study on Daniel...I'm looking forward to starting this and really want to stick with it.

*To read more. I love reading. I've got a few books I really want to read and it seems I never take the time to do so.

*Cook more. I really want to cook dinner more for me & Matt. I love it when I do cook, but so many times I am just too tired or don't feel like it. I just need to make it a habit.

*Continue to stick to Weight Watchers and work out on a daily basis. I have done very well with this up until the holidays. I need to get back in the swing of things.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I am now a college graduate. It feels good. Nice to have three important letters behind my name: BSW. I'll post pictures later--I'm pretty exhausted now and not feeling too well.

Friday, December 15, 2006


So, I graduate in 13 hours and all I can think about is how tired and frustrated I am. Blah.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas picture

This is our Christmas picture...the cats weren't too happy about it and DJ's eyes are glowing green. haha. Oh well.

Thursday, December 07, 2006


In nine days I will be graduation from Winthrop with my Bachelor's of Social Work. It has been a long journey and it's amazing to look back and see where I am now. Four and a half years ago, I never would have dreamed that I would be married and settling down in life. God has brought me through so many experiences to lead me to who I am today. I am thankful for who I am and what God has done in me and through me in the past four and a half years.

These are the girls who I have struggling through this program with...we've laughed and cried together...we are a family. I am so proud of each of them and cannot wait to see where God leads them in their social work careers.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

at the Christmas tree farm

this pic is kinda blurry & it was sunny, but still...good times with good friends at the christmas tree farm.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Saturday, we went to Penland's Tree Farm in York to cut down our Christmas tree. It was a wonderful experience and we even ran into some of our favorite people there--the Schnees! Here are a few pics of our humongous tree (it's 9 1/2 feet)!

Friday, November 24, 2006

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

happy thanksgiving!

May your stuffing be tasty,
May your turkey be plump.
May your potatoes 'n gravy have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious,
May your pies take the prize,
May your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off of your thighs!

Happy Thanksgiving to all! We have a lot to be thankful for!

Monday, November 20, 2006

a thankful heart

I feel that lately I have been showered with God's blessings.

My internship has been wonderful. I've loved every minute of it and can't believe that it will be over with in a few more weeks. I am blessed to have the opportunity to continue to work with Lutheran Family Services after I graduate. This is an amazing opportunity for me to learn and grow as a social worker.

I have been blessed with amazing friends and a strong support system. Since Matt and I moved in with Paul & Kelly I havecontinued to realize what amazing people they are. We are so blessed to have them in our lives and even open their home to us. I have also been building other relationships with friends and I feel each one is a blessing to me. When Matt and I got married, my life and friendships changed dramatically. It seemed that all of my single, college friends didn't want to hang out anymore because we were married. Yet, we hadn't been married long enough to have married friends yet. It has been a year since we helped start up the young married sunday school class at church and this class has been an awesome way to meet other young couples that are experiencing the same things we are. We have truly met some great people and formed friendships.

I am also thankful for the opportunity to move to New Orleans. This has been a dream of mine for 3 1/2 years now. I am grateful that God placed a husband in my life that shares my dreams and desires for serving others.

We are having a Thanksgiving dinner tonight at our house. If everyone comes, there will be 18 people here ranging from church friends to work friends to neighbors. I am really excited about this time of fellowship.

I just feel overwhelmed with blessings right now. My life is far from perfect, but I can see God's hand moving in awesome ways and know that He is a good God. God is God and God is good.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i got a job!

So, my internship supervisor told me today that she is planning on hiring me after my internship is over in December! I'm going to be doing recruiting and licensing of foster families in the Catawba area (Lancaster, Rock Hill, & Gaffney) for Lutheran Family Services. I'm thrilled!

Friday, November 03, 2006

an old soul

The other day I was talking to my field instructor about my dreams and desires for my life. We were also talking about my internship and how things were going with that. She made the comment that I have an "old soul". This was the greatest compliment she could give me. She stated that while I am young in years, I am mature, responsible, and caring. I attribute all of this to the experiences of my life. I had different experiences growing up than most kids. For those of you who don't know, my dad is a social worker and my brother and I basically grew up at the children's home he worked at. Only a fence in our backyard seperated us from about 80 children placed at the home ranging from age 5 to 18. These kids were my life--my friends and playmates. I spent countless days playing on the playground, in the gym, and riding bikes with them. When I was young, I saw no difference between them and me. As I grew older and built stronger relationships with these children, I realized the pain and struggles that they were going through. I truly feel blessed that at a young age, I was able to realize that pain and suffering are a part of life. All of my experiences and knowledge helped fuel my passion for helping others. My heart burns to help families and children through hard times. I want to share the hope and joy that God can give them no matter what the situation. This is what excites me about my future. I cannot wait to see what God has in store for me and my family. While I do take pride in being an "old soul"--I know it's only because of my Creator. He has made me who I am today.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy Birthday Kerry!

It's Kerry the cat's birthday. He is now three years old. What a precious cat! If you don't know, Kerry is Paul & Kelly's cat, and now kind of ours since we live with them.

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

the fray

I just bought tickets to see the Fray on January 22nd! Heck yes I am excited!

quick update

Thought I'd share what the past few days have been like. Matt & I began moving stuff to Kelly & Paul's on Friday and continued through yesterday. We actually still have some cleaning stuff at the apartment and some stuff to donate to Goodwill...we'll get that out tonight. I think moving is a great thing to do every few years. It makes you clean out all your stuff and evaluate what you have. I couldn't believe how much junk we had accumulated. My mom made the comment "Just remember when we brought you to college 5 years ago we could fit everything in one van and now we have to have a big U-Haul"'s true. Granted, I did get married and accumulate some furniture during that time, but I really do have a lot of junk. Makes me wonder where my priorities really lie sometimes.

Our cats are adjusting to living at Kelly & Paul's. We sent Tigger (my 21 year old cat) to live with my parents because we didn't think he could handle living with Brogan (Kelly & Paul's dog). My parents say he is doing well. I'm glad. Peaches and DJ have been staying in our room a lot. Peaches stays under the covers and DJ stays under the bed. DJ has been wandering out some and I think he'll feel comfortable being out of our room soon.

My internship is still going well. I got to do my first home study on a foster parent by myself yesterday. That was fun--I'm sure I'll be doing hundreds more during my career as a social worker.

I'm going to walk across the street now and hang out with Jenn & the kids she's baby-sitting. I'm getting my haircut later (just trimmed I think).

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

this is my life...

As of late, my head has been swimming in a state of being overwhelmed. My internship is very hectic right now as we are trying to get all of our foster homes through the yearly re-licensure process. So, I am busy being a full-time social worker, trying to keep up with all my assignments for my seminar class, working at the gym, and packing up the entire apartment to put into storage for 8 months while we live with Paul & Kelly. It's a crazy week and I really don't know how I'm going to have time to pack everything and get it ready to move on Saturday. I sure will be glad when the move is over. Pray for my sanity this week. Praise God that He is in control.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


I got a tattoo today. I absolutely love it! I've wanted this for a long time and it's bee-uuu-tee-mous!!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Boyfriend cuts up corpse, cooks it

Boyfriend cuts up corpse, cooks it

Have you guys heard about this?

Yes, this is the city that I love and am moving to next summer.

Monday, October 16, 2006

kitty rescue

This is the kitten we are trying to find a good home for.


Friday, October 13, 2006

check this one out

So, you guys are gonna think I have way too much time on my hands with this one. But really, this is what happens when you work from make your cats webpages.

check out my sweet babies...




Thursday, October 12, 2006


Tragedy and heartbreak has hit Rock Hill this week.

Police search for suspects in shooting death of clerk

'Adults aren't supposed to bury children'

Please pray for these families. I know Lindsey Craven's mother and grandmother. They are just devestated. Pray that these families will cling to God in their darkest times.

Friday, October 06, 2006

big news!!!

Just found out tonight that I'm gonna be an aunt! Matt's brother, Michael, and his wife are having a baby! It's due in the beginning of we might just have to wait to move to NO in July/August. Can't miss out on this baby!!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

See the Morning

I just downloaded Chris Tomlin's new album, See the Morning, from itunes. It's just fabulous. It's got some hardcore good worship stuff on it. Check it

"Because of the Lord's great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness." Lamentations 3:22-23

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Why is it when things seem to be going wonderfully, something happens, you hit a rough spot, life brings the challenges? I think it's a God thing. When the rough times come it seems to knock us back into reality and realize that it's all about Him. It's not about us, our plans, our achievements. It's all about His plans and His grace. Thank you Jesus for once again kicking me in the butt & letting me know that it's not all about me!

When I hit a rough spot, I always seem to turn back to Jennifer Knapp's music. It's inspiring and humbling.

Romans~Jennifer Knapp

Just when I think I've got it,
It's gone.
When I think I know the answer
And I dare to raise my hand it's wrong.
Stop. Stop. Stop this foolish pride of mine.
That dares to drag me far away from you.
When I try to do it my way I always lose.
I always lose your point of view.

I don't have to be condemned.
Jesus saved me from the laws of sin.
If I fall I'll try again.
With the Spirit as my guide
I'll never have to hide again.

I, I, I try to close my eyes like a child
Playing in a game of hide and seek.
If I cannot see the Lord
Then surely Lord
You cannot see me.
As if I could ever
Keep Him from spying me.
All the plans of this man they're nothing more
Nothing more than evil schemes.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

another kitty!

Let's add another kitten to the Parks' home...

Today I'm walking out of the apt to go to the gym. I then see a sweet little black kitten on the sidewalk. Poor kitten was just crying as loud as it could. So I call to it and it comes running to me! It's over at that point--there's no choice but to take it in. I'm putting up flyers and stuff hoping it belongs to someone, but it's not likely since it's a kitten. We're going to keep it for now, but we're hoping to find a good home for it. We think it's a girl. She's absolutely loveable and precious!

That makes 4 cats in our apartment though! Whew! We love them all!

Monday, October 02, 2006

i'm bored but excited!

So, I've already completed all the work I need to do today and have 3 1/2 hours until class. I've been searching around on the web for places to live in New Orleans and job stuff. Every day the excitement about moving grows in me. I know that it's going to be really hard to leave our family, friends, and church here but I know that God has amazing opportunities for us in New Orleans. Matt & I are moving in with our good friends, Kelly & Paul at the end of the month in order to save up money to move. It will be a great adventure living with Kelly & Paul since they have 2 cats, a dog, & a rabbit and we will bring along 2 more cats. I'm sure fun times are in store for us! But, praise God that we have amazing friends that are open to us living with them for a while. They are such a blessing to us! I'm not really sure what is in store for me after graduation in December. I'd love to get a social work job but being we will be leaving 6 months later, I'm not sure that is possible. So, I might just keep working at the gym until we move (not that I'd mind, I love it there). So, that's all for now I guess.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sweet Home Superdome

The New Orleans Saints won their first game back in the Superdome!

Wish I was going to the Saints/Panters game this Sunday, but I'll have to settle for watching it on tv.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


The whole topic of "vision" has been weighing on me since church on Saturday night. Our church is going through an awesome time where things are changing and we're building new buildings, bought some new land, beginning new outreach programs, etc. The entire campaign for our church is entitled "Vision". We have been hearing a lot about vision for the past month or so, but last week's sermon was aimed at our own personal vision. What are we here for? What is our purpose? What can we accomplish here on earth?

I have always had big visions for my life. I'm a big dreamer kind of person. I can remember the first real vision I had in my life. When I was eight years old I had a dream about going to Africa. This was at a time when we were learning about missions a lot at church. Since that time, I have met so many people either from Africa or have been missionaries in Africa. Each person I met inspires me and makes my vision grow even more. This is a huge vision that I go to Africa, live there, and minister to those living in poverty there. I know, God-willing, this vision will be lived out one day.

This leads me to a vision for my life that is closer to being lived out. Ever since I visited New Orleans three and a half years ago I have be drawn to the city. The people, the culture, the land, the buildings...I love it all. I have never understood why I love this city so much. As I was sitting in church listening to Shelton speak the other night, I realized...New Orleans is a huge part the vision I have for my life. God has placed a burden for the city and the people on my heart and that burden is not going away. And I realize that I am so blessed to be married to a man who shares my visions for life. At this point we are making plans to move to New Orleans in June, so that I can begin grad school in the fall. It's all about living out your vision.
So what about you? What vision do you have for your life? Vision drives us to accomplish great things for God. Shelton said one thing that hit me big, "You need to have a vision so big that it's due to fail if God isn't it in". Isn't it amazing to think that we could accomplish nothing without Him. Dream big. Have a huge vision for your life. We can't do it on our own, but God can do it through us.

"Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly beyond all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, to Him be the glory in the church and in Jesus Christ to all generations forever and ever. Amen." Ephesians 3:20-21

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The world is Flatt's...

Here are some pics from the Rascal Flatts concert last Friday (9.15) It was a great show!

Here's me, Matti, & Anita.

Matt says that this is such an exciting show he can sleep through it.

I'm a cowgirl!

Monday, September 11, 2006


Poem by Rainer Maria Rilke, written in the form of a prayer

Make it so the poor are no longer
despised and thrown away.
Look at them standing about--
like wildflowers, which have nowhere else to grow.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

it's a crazy world

So, I got a call from Matt while I was at work last night--his dad's identity has been stolen and someone has tried to charge over half a million dollars on his bank card (fortunately only charged $4000 because all the other charges were denied). How crazy! They had to call the police and file a report, call the bank's fraud department and call all the credit agencies to get it all straightened out. We hear about this all the time but never think it can happen to us. This goes to show, it can happen to anyone.

Other than that scare, things are going well. The gang (me, Matt, Kelly, Paul, Daniel, Jen, & Grant) all went camping in Cherokee, NC for Labor Day. We had a blast and got to do lots of fun stuff. We went rock mining, saw a waterfall, fished, and just hung out at the campsite and ate hotdogs and s'mores. I sure do love camping and wish we could do it more.

My internship is still fabulous. I got to go to Hall Psychiatric Institute (yes, the infamous Bull St) last week. It was a great experience as I had been in private psychiatric institutes before but never the state run ones. It was sad in just the fact that it is run down and just looks so dreary. But in meeting with a psychiatrist and social worker I was encouraged to see that they really want the best for these kids. So, yeah, that was really cool.

This is random, but does anyone else hate the new facebook?

Guess I should get back to working on my agency presentation.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

this is my life

Things have been great the past week & a half. I started my internship with Lutheran Family Services and have truly enjoyed it. I've gotten to go on plenty of home visits and meet foster parents and children. I am truly blessed to have an amazing internship. I'm learning a lot and having a blast as well. We have some crazy kids (hence the fact they are in *therapeutic* foster care) but they make life so fun and interesting. There's never a dull moment with these kids. And the foster parents we have are amazing as well. They are so dedicated and go above and beyond for these kids. It's just great. I'm loving it.

Monday, August 28, 2006

remembering Katrina

This is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Such a powerful storm that affecting so many lives in our nation. My heart goes out to all the survivors and families/friends of those who lost their lives. My heart truly is burdened for these people.

Friday, August 25, 2006

my favorite poem

Just ran across my favorite poem and wanted to post it. We studied this poem when I was in 11th grade and I fell in love with it and still love it. Take a moment and read it.

Mother to Son
by Langston Hughes

Well, son, I'll tell you:
Life for me ain't been no crystal stair.
It's had tacks in it,
And splinters,
And boards torn up,
And places with no carpet on the floor--
But all the time
I'se been a-climbin' on,
And reachin' landin's,
And turnin' corners,
And sometimes goin' in the dark
Where there ain't been no light.
So, boy, don't you turn back.
Don't you set down on the steps.
'Cause you find it's kinder hard.
Don't you fall now--
For I'se still goin', honey,
I'se still climbin',
And life for me ain't been no crystal stair.

Monday, August 21, 2006

the time has come

Today was internship training. Tomorrow I start my internship with Lutheran Family Services! Woo hoo! I'm on my way to being a "real" social worker! Next step, New Orleans!

Friday, August 11, 2006


10 more days until I start my internship. I couldn't be more ready! Now that I've studied how to be a social worker for 4 years, it's time to dive in and put all that knowledge to use. I'm pretty burnt out on working 3 jobs as well. Ready for this summer to be over with. This week will prove to be bittersweet as it will be my last week working with Carlos and at the Post Office. I will miss them all so much but I'm ready to focus on my internship and graduate!

Matti, Kaley, & I went to Warped Tour on Tuesday. It was absolutely awesome. 9 hours listening to great bands & going crazy in the mosh pits. Fun times. I've put some pictures up on my myspace page if you want to see (

Matt has started back to school, teaching kindergarten. So far, he is liking it and it seems to be going well. It's a whole lot less stressful than last year.

For those of you who don't know, I started Weight Watchers about a month and a half ago. I was inspired by some ladies at the gym and decided that I just needed some structure to get me on track. Well, so far I've lost 14 lbs and gone down 3 pants sizes! How freakin' cool is that?! I'm pretty excited.

That's pretty much all I have for now. I will try & post some recent pictures soon. I know I've been slack.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why in the world... I awake at 4:49 am posting on my blog? I can't sleep. Ever since we've gotten back from NO I haven't been sleeping well. I think it's just the excitement of starting my internship as well as the excitement of the possibility of moving to NO. So, here I am, wide awake, when I should be sleeping because I have yet another 13 hour work day tomorrow.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

hoping and praying that my dream will come true

Matt & I had an amazing week in New Orleans. I'd have to say that it is the most amazing city ever. Ever since I went there for the first time 4 years ago, I have just been drawn to the city and people there. So...I'm considering going to grad school there. I can't think of a better city to get my Master's in Social Work in. Matt is all for moving there and that makes my heart happy to know that he would love to be there too. Granted, nothing is for certain and we wouldn't move there until next summer, but I'm hoping and praying that it will all work out.

So, that's what's on my heart right now.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why I love New Orleans and want to move here...

1. Seeing a lady walking her pet goat (which even had a collar on) in the middle of the road
2. Hearing a “street preacher/mental guy” yelling in a megaphone that “The kingdom of Heaven is near!” and putting on the megaphone siren to get everyone’s attention
3. Real red beans & rice
4. The lights and sounds of Bourbon Street (but sometimes it’s a little too much)
5. Biegnet’s and coffee at CafĂ© DuMonde
6. Street bands jammin’ out some real ‘Nawlins jazz
7. the people and culture
8. the Baptist Friendship House (and those who work there)
9. Going on swamp tours when alligators eat parts of the boat off (for real)
10. Watching spiders capture bugs in our wonderful hotel room(video to be posted soon)
11. Cab drivers that have a heart for the city they have always called home
12. Being able to walk/take a streetcar or bus anywhere you want to go
13. Water that doesn’t taste so great
14. The fact that the entire city has wireless internet
15. Riding a trolley=free!
16. All the parks/squares in the city
17. Po Boys
18. All the random stuff you can see at the French Market
19. Hollywood Hustler (haha)

And finally…

20. The rebuilding of a great city after a disastrous event…these people have strength, hope, and determination!

Monday, June 26, 2006

taking donations

because Matt & I are drooling over the new toyota fj cruiser!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

You wish you were me...

because I'm going to see Rascal Flatts on September 15th! Holla!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wanted to share these lyrics...

Wherever You Are~Third Day (I get to see them on July 1st!)

Thought that I was all alone
Broken and afraid
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me

And I didn't even know
That I had lost my way
But You were there with me
Yes, You were there with me

'Til You opened up my eyes
I never knew
That I couldn't ever make it
Without You

Even though the journey's long
And I know the road is hard
Well, the One who's gone before me
He will help me carry on

After all that I've been through
Now I realize the truth
That I must go through the valley
To stand upon the mountain of God

As I travel on the road
That You have lead me down
You are here with me
Yes, You are here with me

I have need for nothing more
Oh, now that I have found
That You are here with me
Yes, You are here with me

I confess from time to time
I lose my way
But You are always there
To bring me back again

Sometimes I think of where it is
I've come from
And the things I've left behind
But of all I've had, what I possessed

Nothing can quite compare
With what's in front of me
With what's in front of me

13 hour workdays

So, I'm pulling 3 jobs now. Definitely not planned but it's okay. I got a call from the Winthrop Post Office (where I used to work) saying they were desperate because one of their workers just quit. Who am I to say no? It's kicking me in the butt though--working from 7 am until 10 pm most days. I'm making it though. The money doesn't hurt either since Matt's new job will be a huge pay cut.

Life has been good though. Matt & I have gotten into kayaking lately (with Kelly & Paul of course). We had a yard sale last weekend and what did we buy with the money we made? A new kayak. We'll be excited to take it out on the river this weekend.

We had a wonderful time at the beach with Matt's mom. It was an enjoyable, relaxing week. Matt & I even went on a casino boat and won $60 on the slots! We went to the Pavilion since it's closing in September. That makes me sad as I've been going there since I was a toddler. But we rode all the rides and took lots of pictures.

Tickets for Rascal Flatts go on sale this Saturday! I've convinced Matt that we should go! Whoa...I'm excited!

The new season of Big Brother starts tomorrow night. I'm addicted to that show.

Matt & I are FINALLY getting the internet at our apt on July 3rd. We survived over a year without it but I'm dying. And I need it for my internship since I'll be working from home.

Matt & I also survived our first year of marraige. We've had some bumps in the road but overall it has been so wonderful! I wouldn't change a think. Marraige is such a precious gift from God!

I'm sitting in the 60 degree gym...freezing my butt off while it's 92 degrees outside. 5 more hours until I'm off. :)

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

banana pancakes

It has been quite a while since I've updated this thing. It's going to be bullet style today...
  • I finished up my classes. Got my grades. Got all B's this semester which is pretty good considering I'm married, working 2 jobs, and going to school full time. I was excited that I got a B in Statistics and Nutrition. I'm glad this semester is over with. Now all that's left is my internship. I'm also going to take a Photography class next semester, just for fun. I'm excited since I have always wanted to take a photography class and now I've got the chance.
  • Matt has 5 more days left of teaching. I know he is relieved since this has been a very stressful year. He is still looking for a job though so pray that doors will be opened.
  • We had a wonderful weekend. I had strep throat but struggling though it all. Saturday we went to Carowinds with our Sunday School class. It was exhausting but still lots of fun and good fellowship. I was feeling really bad after that so Matt & I went home & crashed for a while. Then we went to the Winthrop baseball game with his parents and grandparents. We had an enjoyable time. Sunday morning we went to church at the Parks' church (Christ Ridge in Fort Mill) and to our great surprise Jeff Ferguson was preaching. After the service we went back to the Parks' house for a delicious lunch. It was Mother's Day but also Mr. Parks' birthday so we celebrated both. We listened to some more war stories from Matt's dad and realized how thankful we are to have him home. Later we went to Paul & Kelly's & hung out, went to church with them, and had dinner at IHOP. It was a busy and exhausting weekend but we had good times with good friends and family.
  • Right now all I'm doing is working--at Impact and with Carlos. I'm working about 45 hours a week total but still have plenty of time to relax. Many days I don't have to go in to work until 5 pm so it's be nice to sleep in, go for a walk at Cherry Park, go to the tanning bed, and shopping. :)
  • So...I'm in a contest with this lady at the gym to see who can lose the most weight by July 1st. We started yesterday and I've done great with the balanced eating and exercising since then. I really have no problem exercising since I work at a gym 5 days a week but it's the eating thing that kills me. I love french fries, hamburgers, chicken strips...any kind of fast food. I'm really working on it though. This competition is good for me because it gives me some motivation. It'll be fun!
Guess that's it for now. I'm headed to Cherry Park for a walk.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

and it begins...

One exam down, three more to go. And then there's nothing left but my internship! Holy mess I'm exchited!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


I had the most glorious peppermint mocha from Starbucks this morning. It was smooth, mocha-ey, and peppermintey. :) Who cares if I paid $4 for one cup of coffee. It was devine. Sometimes you gotta live a little!

Friday, April 14, 2006

the promise

He humbled Himself and was fully obedient to God, even when that caused his death - death on a cross. Philippians 2:8

When human hands fastened the divine hands to a cross with spikes, it wasn't the soldiers who held the hands of Jesus steady. It was God who held them steady. Those same hands that formed the oceans and built the mountains. Those same hands that designed the dawn and crafted each cloud. Those same hands that blueprinted one incredible plan for you and me.

Take a stroll out to the hill. Out to Calvary. Out to the cross where, with holy blood, the hand that placed you on the planer wrote the the promise, "God would give up His only Son before He'd give up on you."

Max Lucado
Six Hours One Friday

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Why I love my job...

This is why I love working at Impact...last night one of our members called me at the gym just to tell me who got kicked of American Idol since they knew I couldn't watch it. I sure do love those ladies!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


If I have learned one thing in college, it's how to bust out some papers quickly. I am a master paper writer. Yesterday afternoon I wrote a 6 page paper in about 75 minutes. Then last night I wrote a 7 page paper in 90 minutes. Only one more paper to write this semester. My paper writing madness is coming to an end.

Friday, April 07, 2006

encouraging quote

“If Jesus gives us a task or assigns us to a difficult season, every ounce of our experience is meant for our instruction and completion if only we'll let Him finish the work. I fear, however, that we are so attention-deficit that we settle for bearable when beauty is just around the corner." ~Beth Moore

It's Friday!

It's Friday...finally! And it's a beautiful day as well. Matt's on Spring Break now. Unfortunately I have quite a few papers and projects due next week. At least we'll get to spend a little more time together.

Tonight we're having a cookout at Daniel & Jen's with Kelly & Paul. Fun times with new friends. It's fun to have more married friends...we're "adults" now. Scary!

Life is still crazy. I've just got to keep reminding myself...

"Satan, get thee behind me!"

Thursday, April 06, 2006

a little sad

So, Mandisa got kicked off American Idol last night. Boo! That's okay though because I heard she already has a record in the making. Now I'm rooting for Chris, Kellie, & Taylor.

In other music news, I've been addicted to Carrie Underwood lately. Matt bought me her cd and I'm loving every single song.

Matt's still looking for a job. Continue praying.

Monday, March 27, 2006

praise you in the storm

So Matt & I have been really blessed this year. We have had a wonderful first 10 months of marraige. I was starting to wonder when this "rough 1st year marraige" stuff was going to happen. And then it came. Last Thursday Matt was informed by his principal and assistant principal that his contract with the district would not be renewed after this year. Matt is apparantly an "incompetant teacher". Whatever. The entire dismissal packet is full of lies. The school never did anything to help Matt this year. The first year of teaching is supposed to be an "assisting year" and the second year is the "evaluative year". No assisting happened to my husband this year. The superintendent and the assistant principal (his "mentors") would come in to observe him and give him no feedback at all. How is he supposed to improve if he is given no feedback. Anyway--this is the part where Matt & I are pretty bitter. He was fired for no good reasons at all and most of the reasons they gave were lies. This leads us to figuring out where our future is going. Matt doesn't really want to teach anymore and is looking into many options. I will be working at Impact full-time this summer to save up money for my internship in the fall. Please pray for Matt & I as we make these transitions. Also pray that we will not be bitter about this whole situation. We know that God has a purpose and a plan for it all. We are trusting in Him. He is in control.

And I'll leave you with my life song right now...

Praise You in the Storm by Casting Crowns

I was sure by now
God You would have reached down
And wiped our tears away
And stepped in and saved the day
Once again, I say Amen, and it is still raining

As the thunder rolls
I barely hear you whisper through the rain
I'm with you
As your mercy falls
I raise my hands and praise the God who gives
And takes away

I'll Praise you in this storm
And I will lift my hands
You are who you are
No matter where I am
And every tear I've cried
You hold in your hand
You never left my side
And though my heart is torn
I will Praise You in this storm

I remember when
I stumbled in the wind
You heard my cry
You raised me up again
My strength is almost gone
How can I carry on
If I can't find you

I lift my eyes into the hills
Where does my help come from
My help comes from the Lord
The maker of heaven and earth

Thursday, March 23, 2006


"My soul clings to you; your right hand upholds me."
Psalm 63:8

This verse has been such an encouragement to me recently. There are lots of things going on in and around my life and right now I just don't know where it is all leading to. But that's not for me to know. God knows the future and holds me in the palm of his hand. What a comfort!

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We interrupt this marraige...

I saw this bumper sticker the other day that said, "We interrupt this marraige to bring you racing season". What truth this bumper sticker holds in how our society looks at marraige. We interrupt our marraiges for anything. We put anything and everything, including our kids, in higher priority than our spouse. This is not what God intended. When I married Matt, I made a covenant with him and with God that I will love him and be his wife until "death do us part". Nothing, except God himself, should be held in a higher priority than this covenant. That is why I had the word "hesed" engraved in Matt's ring. "Hesed" means covenental love...not just love in the good times when I feel like it. A hesed type of love is not just a commitment, but a covenant. Our society has made marraige a covenience, not a covenant. This saddens my heart.

In other news, Winthrop won the Big South Championship again. Go Eagles! Going to the "Big Dance" once again.

I am so thrilled about my placement with Lutheran Family Services for my internship next fall. I will be working with their therapeutic foster care department. Basically, I will be doing home studies for families who wish to become foster families, home visits and check-ups on foster homes, and mentor some of the kids. I'm so ready for this new adventure!

Next week is Spring Break. It's hard to believe the semester is more than halfway over, but I am thankful. I'll be working Monday and Tuesday but on Wednesday I will head up to Lake Waccamaw to visit my parents. I haven't seen my parents since January and couldn't miss them more. I truly hate the fact that they live 3 1/2 hours away and I work all the time. I'm going to leave my sweet husband in Rock Hill and spend some quality time with my parents. It kind of sucks that Matt's Spring Break is a month after mine. But I am excited to see my family.

End of my ranting.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

my internship!

So, ignore all the stuff about the Red Cross in my last post. I have officially been placed for my internship next fall & I'm going to do it with Lutheran Family Services. I will be working in the therapeutic foster care end. I'm thrilled and wish it was already fall. I'll write more about it later.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

the future is here...well, sort of

I just turned in my application for graduation--11 months away. It seems like forever, but I know it's gonna come quickly. I've already done my pre-placement interview for my internship. Right now I'm looking at doing my internship at the Red Cross. Doing my internship there could bring lots of opportunities for me after I graduate. It is also an ever-changing internship. No day will be the same. One day I may go to an elementary school and teach kids what to do in case of a hurricane, the next day I may be helping a family whose house burned down. The Red Cross just seems like a good fit for me. We'll see if they think the same. I'll be setting up an interview with them soon and I'll go from there.

Matt & I traveled down to Columbia last Thursday for the Chris Tomlin/Matt Redman/Louie Giglio concert. I knew going down there it was going to be amazing and I was right. I was smacked in the face of how amazing my God is and how he calls me by name. It is one thing to know that God has an intimate plan for your life, but a totally different thing to truly believe it. I relish in my Savior's love. It is such an honor to sit at His feet and call Him "Abba, Father". I wish all could experience my Savior's love as I have.

I am getting my wisdom teeth out next Friday. Sounds like fun, huh? I am kind of excited because Matt is taking the day off work to be with me and pamper me. Haha. We'll see how excited I am at 11 am next Friday though. Nothing like cutting your gums open and yanking those teeth out!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Just wanted to let you guys know...

I am burnt out but completely and utterly blessed by my amazing Savior. I am in awe of His amazing grace.