Friday, March 11, 2011

One Year Pictures

Tried to upload these the other day, but the internet wasn't working.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

One Year

Dear Eli,

I can hardly believe that you are one year old today, because you are still my little baby in so many ways. You are the polar opposite of your sister and you love to cuddle and sit in my lap.

In the past few weeks, you have grown and changed so much. You have been taking your time with many developmental milestones, which had us a little concerned. But, you just weren't ready yet. You started eating baby food a couple weeks ago and now will eat 1-2 jars at each sitting (3 times a day). Fruits are your favorite, though you also enjoy carrots, squash, and sweet potatoes. You are definitely not fond of the green veggies. You are starting to eat a few table foods as well, and of course, you love puffs and yogurt melts. You also have started scooting all over the place and pulling up on everything. You don't crawl, but rather pull your body along with your arms. You would much rather be standing though. If anything is near you to pull up with, you will do it. We are thinking you may never crawl and may just go to walking. Time will tell.

You just celebrated your first Carnival/Mardi Gras and had a blast. The first couple parades, you were a little afraid of the marching bands, but you got used to them. You love playing with beads and other throws that you received. On your actual birthday, we made you a sign that read, "Throw me something, It's my 1st birthday!" and you got so much stuff.

Your favorite activities are swinging, watching bubbles, and reading books. You are also our tv watcher. If you are ever near a tv that is on, your attention is there. It is just another sign that you are completely different from your sister!

Your sweet and gentle spirit is a light to our lives. We love you.

Mom and Dad