Thursday, September 29, 2005

another day gone by

A few minutes ago I was walking across campus over here to the computer lab. As I pass Byrnes I see a guy sleeping on the concrete steps. This I do not understand. There are plenty of couches/comfy chairs on this campus. How hard is it to walk a few hundred yards to Bancroft or across the street to Dinkins? But this guy chose to sleep on the hard concrete using his bookbag as a pillow. Whatever.

Guess what? Matthew bought me an iPod nano!!!! Yippee!!! I have been wanting an iPod for quite a while now (ever since Kristi got hers I've been jealous) and now they have come out with the iPod nano. It's an iPod that is quite small (a little bigger than a credit card). And it holds 1,000 songs! And pictures! Matt ordered it off the website (he got a teacher discount) and it should be here in 1-2 weeks. I cannot wait! If you want to see it you can go to the apple website:

My life is still rediculously busy. I wish I had more time to spend with Matt & our kittens. You gotta do what you gotta do though.

Now I've got to run to class. I have a Philosophy quiz this afternoon--aaahhh! I don't think I'm gonna do so hot. I just get all the theories and people and everything mixed up. We'll see.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stream of Consciousness Writing...

(Once again this will be bullet style)

*The life of Mackey=Getting up atleast by 7 am-going to work or class by 8 am-working one of my two jobs or class until about 9 pm. Oh yes, gotta love this life! Add being a newlywed and two baby kittens to the mix as well! :) It's all good though.

*Most of my classes are going well. The only class I don't really enjoy is Philosophy (I mean who really cares about that crap?).

*Matt & I got two baby kittens almost two weeks ago. Peaches and DJ are there names. They are tons of fun but they sure like stink up the apartment with some major poopage! Once I get my digital camera back (my parents are borrowing it) I'll post pictures. If you really wanna see the sweet balls of fluff you can come visit us!

*Matt's dad will be coming back from Iraq at the end of October. It's hard to believe that he's been over there for a year! It'll be nice to have him back.

*I think I've convinced Matt to go to the Jeremy Camp/Bethany Dillon concert in Greenville on Saturday. I love love love both of them...they are such inspirational people who are real about life and it's struggles!

*I got my hair all chopped off! It's all short & spiky...lots of fun to mousse up in the mornings! I love it--I think I'm gonna keep it this way for a long while!

*Matt & I are doing a bible study on Sunday nights through Westminster. It's all about digging in the Word. We do lots of Scripture memorization and applying the Word to our lives. We're loving it. This Bible study is making us sit down and focus on the most incredible tool God has given us to know Him--His Word. Spending time in the Word has been such a refresher for us, during our crazy busy week!

Guess I better go check on the kittens and scoop some litter!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

a quick vent

Can I mention that I HATE how spam has taken over the blogging world!!! Dang comments full of spam!

back in the grind of things

Here I am sitting in Dinkins at the "Wireless Cafe" haha. Us Parks people are poor & don't have the internet so I have to be a dork & come to campus to update my blog. Lots of things have been going on lately. I feel like updating using bullets today so that's exactly what I'm going to do.
  • School is going pretty well. I like most of my classes. My class by far is my Social Work class on mental illnesses. This is my passion. I even look forward to sitting in the class for 3 hours every Wednesday night! I must be crazy!
  • Hurricane Katrina has dealt a blow to me personally. I am so burdened by the people on the Gulf Coast (especially New Orleans). Many of you know that I lived in N.O. a few summers ago and worked with the homeless there. That has been my dream for a while live in the ghettos of N.O. and minister to the homeless there. I was hoping Matt & I could go this summer but now we'll have to wait and see what is happening there. Even more personal than that, I have a really close friend who lived right in downtown N.O. She worked at The Baptist Friendship House, a transitional center for homeless women and children. At this point I still haven't heard from her and am very concerned. Please pray for my friend, Karina, and the others who worked & lived at the Friendship House.
  • Matt & I are going to get a kitten soon...maybe two. :) Matt's friend, Bobbie, has 5 kittens and Matt & I are going to get the runt of the group. His name is Peaches and he has the biggest belly I've ever seen a kitten have! We may also get another one of the kittens. We'll see. I'll post pictures when we get them!
  • My parents have now moved to Lake Waccamaw, NC. They are doing well and settling in. I can't wait to go visit them!
  • Lately I have been struggling with a lot of bitterness from the past. There are so many friends that I once felt so close to and now that I'm married I feel like they don't care about me anymore. I sit here reading people's blogs & away messages and it just makes me sad that I'm not a part of their lives. I feel like the old married lady that's still in college who nobody wants to hang out with anymore. I know we can't live in the past but it hurts me that many of my friendships have simply dissapeared in the last few months. It makes my heart hurt. I am glad that God has blessed me & Matt with such great friends in Paul & Kelly. Sometimes it seems like they are the only ones left in our simple little world.

Now I'm off to Matt's school to help him get some stuff done around the classroom. Then it's back to my Mental Illness class!!!