Monday, March 31, 2008

Meet Mrs. Big Belly!

Here are some real belly pictures (for all of those who care to look at pregnant bellies). These were taken last week when I was 31 weeks (almost 32).

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Stuff needs our help

Winthrop's Mascot "Big Stuff" is competing for the best mascot of the NCAA tournement. He is Currently in the Sweet 16 against Arkansas. Go to this link and Vote for him (he's a big eagle). VOTE BIG STUFF

Thanks you guys, I'm giving up my blog cuz we don't live at 6020 magazine anymore, but ill make guest appearances here on the Be My Vision blog! Let me know if you want to support me in a new blog address or if your happy with me here :c).

Monday, March 24, 2008

Emma's crib!

With much thanks to Granddaddy and Grandmommy Parks (Matt's parents), we just ordered Emma's crib! We first saw this crib at Burlington and planned on buying it, but they said it would take something like 6-14 weeks to deliver it...crazy! So we decided to look elsewhere. Well, they had the same crib online at Target and Wal-Mart and it was a little cheaper at Wal-Mart (and FREE shipping), so we got it from there. Here's the link if you want to look at it!

Also, I had a doctor's appointment this morning and everything looks good! Emma is growing and is about 3.25 lbs now. Our doctor actually did another ultrasound just so we could see how big she is getting! Mommy and Emma are both happy and healthy and have no problems. Let's just hope it stays that way!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Matt & I missed church this morning. It was a very sad story. I had my new dress on and Matt looked mighty handsome in his seersucker pants and when we got to the car, the battery was dead. Matt said that the battery had not "risen indeed". ::tear:: We debated on walking to church or not--and decided not too because we would be so late and I really didn't feel like walking that far in my church clothes. So, Matt rode the bus down to Wal-Mart and bought a portable generator that can jumpstart your car and it worked! We ended up going to Golden Corral for lunch and then driving/walking around our neighborhood to take some pictures. Here's some of what we got. I'll post the rest in an album later. (All of these pics are taken by Matt, as I was fooling around on my 35mm using B & W film)

Friday, March 21, 2008

God provides!

Matt and I truly have seen how God provides in every way. We got our last paycheck for Boys Town today and it was $600 more that usual! We were actually expecting it to be less than usual because we didn't work the entire pay period. We think that we ended up getting paid for our vacation days that we didn't use. What does this mean? It means that we have enough money to pay our bills for the rest of this month and next month! Praise God! Just when we were getting really discouraged, He reminded us that He has it all under control and has us in His best interest. Matt was just commenting on how we have come across the passage in Matthew 6 about how God cares for and provides for the sparrows, so how much more does he care for and provide for His people? We have heard that passage on the radio repeatedly and in our devotional with the girls (before we left). God truly knows when we need to be reminded of His faithfulness and sovereignty.

Thank you Lord, for providing for us and reminding us just how much you care for your people.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trying to get settled.

Well, Matt & I have been in our new "lovenest" for almost a week now and we're still working on unpacking and getting settled in. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are completely finished and now we're working on Emma's room and the living room. The cats are settling in nicely and love all the extra room to run and play (especially at 2 am).

We're still working on the job thing for Matt. He called one of the places he interviewed last week and they haven't made a decision yet, so that's still a possibility. We do not have internet in our apartment and I dropped my computer and broke it (it's in the shop right now), so we have to rely on Matt's old skool ghetto laptop and free Wifi from Community Coffee (CC's). That makes the job hunt a little more difficult. I am here at CC's now and just finished looking through 88 pages of job postings on while Matt went out to drop off his resume at a few places. Keep praying! We are getting discouraged and our money is going to run out soon. We just have to keep telling ourselves that God will provide in His timing and His ways.

So long for now.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The time is finally here!

Yesterday was our last day of work with Boys Town Louisiana.

We are moving today!


P.S. Matt had two job interviews earlier this week. Pray we'll hear something back soon!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Extraordinary Breastfeeding!

Yesterday Matt had an interview at Earth Search Inc., an archeology/geology company that provides childcare for their employees. Matt was hanging out in the nursery getting to know some of the kids and parents and notices one of the four year olds walk up to her mother and begin to breastfeed. And then one of the three year olds does the same thing. Matt and I thought this was interesting and see both the pros/cons of breastfeeding older children (although I sure won't be breastfeeding my three year old!). Then today, I stumbled upon this video of a mother who breastfeeds her seven year old. All I can say is, wow. That's an amazing woman right there!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover: New Orleans Edition

Extreme Home Makeover is filming in New Orleans this week! They started today and will be here until next Friday! They are working on a house and a church. They are still looking for volunteers. To bad Matt & I have to work, pack, and move this week or else we would so be up for it (well, if I wasn't pregnant). We are hoping to go out to the sites on Monday (our day off) for a little while in between packing so we can maybe catch a glimpse of all the action. I think I would have a panic attack if I actually got to see Ty Pennington. I've loved that man since high school (and yes, my husband knows about this love of mine). For more information on what they are doing here in New Orleans, go here:

Prayer Requests

Matt & I are calling on our faithful prayer warriors again...
*It has been a very difficult week in the home. We had a really tough situation with one of our girls this morning that could have been prevented if there was better communication between our supervisor and us. Pray that we will make it through these last few days of work. We are literally at the end of our rope. I am very emotional and Matt having to deal with all the stress of the job as well as my crazy emotions.

*Matt still has not found a job. Some doors were closed and we are trusting that those weren't the right fit. Pray more doors will be opened. At this point we honestly have no idea how we will pay our bills next month, but we are trying to take it one day at a time.

*Continue to pray for my health as well as our little Emma's health. Everything seems to be going well so far, just pray for continued health in this pregnancy.

In some other random, fun news, we bought Emma's pack 'n play yesterday. It's orange! Here's a picture...

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

This is our life

Matt and I have one more week working at Boys Town. We are so glad that this time is coming to an end. While we do not regret the decision to work here, we will be relieved to get away from all the stress. Matt still hasn't found a job yet, so keep praying. We found out today that he didn't get the preschool teacher job at the private school down the street. He has been hardcore job searching this week though--sending out his resume, calling people, filling out applications, etc. We are trusting in God's timing.

I am definitely "feeling" pregnant now! I'm 29 weeks today and have begun to have leg cramps at night and frequent headaches. It is harder for me to get around and be up for long periods of time. 11 more weeks to go!