Friday, March 07, 2008

Extreme Home Makeover: New Orleans Edition

Extreme Home Makeover is filming in New Orleans this week! They started today and will be here until next Friday! They are working on a house and a church. They are still looking for volunteers. To bad Matt & I have to work, pack, and move this week or else we would so be up for it (well, if I wasn't pregnant). We are hoping to go out to the sites on Monday (our day off) for a little while in between packing so we can maybe catch a glimpse of all the action. I think I would have a panic attack if I actually got to see Ty Pennington. I've loved that man since high school (and yes, my husband knows about this love of mine). For more information on what they are doing here in New Orleans, go here:

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Anonymous said...

And I would SO go with you if I were there---then you and I could have a panic attack together!


I LOVE the pack 'n play!