Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The Great Adventure

I decided to come back to blogger instead of my blog on It's just easier and more people are on it.

This week has been an adventure...well, especially Sunday. Sunday morning started off with me fainting in Sunday School and later on Matt falling flat on his face at Cracker Barrell. Let's go back to the fainting part. We are in Sunday School and praying for a couple who is moving. We all are circled around laying hands on them and had stood there about 10 minutes. My arms begin to feel a little tingly (sp?) and the next thing I know I wake up in a chair shaking and everyone is asking me if I'm okay. I've never fainted before and it was a scary thing. We think it's just because it was hot, we were standing for a long time, and I hadn't had much to eat that morning. We hope that's all.

So after church Matt & I meet up with Paul & Kelly at Cracker Barrell. Matt is hobbling along on his crutches up to the front porch and misses the curb. He hops for a while and I laugh because he's hopping like a loon. Well then he losses his balance & falls flat on his face...luckely he fell in hte grass. It was very scary & he hit his head hard. I thought I was going to have to take him to the hospital. But he was okay.

A million other crazy things have happened like our hot water spurting out of the faucets and overdrafting our account to make this week an adventure. Man, this whole married thing is tough!

The good news is that Sunday night Matt started walking on his foot again and it's getting stronger every day. So now I don't have to be the old maid anymore--he can do things for himself now!

I'm working on putting up the honeymoon & wedding pictures on I'll let you all know when they are up.

Oh yeah--some REALLY exciting news is that my dad got a job!!!!!! He's going to be a minister of music to the kids at the Boys and Girls Home of NC at Lake Waccamaw. He may be able to start as soon as this Tuesday! My dad is going to go ahead up there and my mom & brother will stay here in Rock Hill the rest of July to pack and get things ready while they look for housing in Lake Waccamaw. SO EXCITING!!!!!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Now that I'm married...

Matt & I are starting a new blog you can enjoy reading about our life. You can find it here

So this may be the end of this blog...we'll see.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

the day after tomorrow

the day after tomorrow i will be married. and then heading to good 'ol charleston. compliments of anita & impact express fitness matt & i will be taking a cute little stuffed monkey named coconut on our honeymoon. we will take pictures with him in charleston & take them back to the gym & show them to the ladies. :)

guess i'll write when we get back from charleston.