Friday, November 26, 2004

Wedding shopping!

Today I tried on wedding dresses. Wow! That is crazy yet really exciting! I tried on some very simple yet elegant ones as well as big fru fru ones. I'm definitely a simple girl. I found one that I really like, but of course I'm gonna look around some more before I decide. We went into the Bridal shop on Celanese and got bombarded by this short chunky little Korean lady who said she used to design clothes for Brooke Shields. That lady was hilarious but after a while she gave me a headache. When I was trying on one dress I made the comment that I have no boobs, so her she comes "I've got some for you" and hands me some pads to stick in my bra. It was funny. Anyway, the dress I really like I found at the Bridal and Formal Gallery on Charlotte Ave. And the ladies there were extremely nice and helpful. So, I had a fun afternoon of wedding shopping with my mom.

182 days!

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Monday, November 22, 2004


In 187 days I will be getting married. That's right, Matt & I will be getting married on May 28th at Westminster Presbyterian Church. Finally, we have a for real date! And the wonderful thing about it is that his dad will possibly be able to come home for the wedding! Yay! So, to all our friends, mark your calendars!

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Product of Boredom

I'm dumb.

Thirteen random things you like:
1) Dora the Explorer
2) sleeping
3) hanging out at the Pink Palace
4) roller coasters
5) the color orange
6) Cucumber Cantalaupe candles
7) Having money
8) Chick-Fil-A
9) Blowing bubbles
10) Country music
11) fuzzy socks
12) Fire

13) wearing hoodies, jeans, & flip flops

Twelve random things you want:
1) a car that actually works (BCC 4 ever)
2) an engagement ring :)
3) to live in Africa
4) to have 3 kids (named Mackey, Emma, & Eli)
5) to pass my Biology of the Aging class
6) to be able to have a cat in my apartment
7) more sleep
8) a new digital camera
9) for my head not to hurt right now
10) Matt's dad to come home safe
11) to learn how to surf
12) to read more

Eleven good bands/artists:
1) Switchfoot
2) Ashlee Simpson (she may not be good but I like her)
3) Bethany Dillon
4) Brevada
5) Jump Little Children
6) Relient K
7) Rascall Flats
8) Dashboard Confessional
9) Jack Johnson
10) Gretchen Wilson
11) Silers Bald

Ten things about you ... physically:
1) I'm fat
2) brown hair
3) brown eyes
4) I'm stretching my ears
5) pierced cartilage

6) long toes
7) bad cuticles
8) bad eyes
9) scar next to my eyebrow

10) tons of freckles on my shoulders due to excessive sunburns

Nine thoughts:
1) I wish this semester was over
2) I'm glad it's Friday!
3) Dinner at Pork 'n More was yummy!
4) I'm blessed to have such awesome friends
5) I need to go to the eye doctor
6) I like making to do lists

7) Schindler's List is a sad movie...we're watching it in my RELG class
8) I can't wait to get married!
9) I miss my kitties!

Eight favorite foods/drinks:
1) mac & cheese
2) peanut butter & nutella sandwiches
3) Ritz chips
4) Propel
5) Mike's Hard Lime
6) Smirnoff Twisted
7) Cheese sticks
8) Lime diet cokes

Seven things you wear daily:
1) contacts
2) my rings
3) earrings
4) shoes/flip flops
5) deoderant
6) lotion
7) a shirt

Six things that annoy you:

1) fake people
2) fake people
3) fake people
4) fake people
5) fake people
6) did i mention...fake people!

Five things you touch everyday:

1) my keyboard
2) cell phone
3) my squishy duck
4) chapstick
5) my purse

Four shows you watch:

1) That 70's Show
2) Made
3) Laguna Beach
4) A Wedding Story

Three People you have a crush on:

1) Matthew
2) Matthew
3) Matthew

Two things you hate:

1) seafood
2) cheap beer

One thing you love:

1) my best friend

Monday, November 08, 2004

You make me wanna la la

As always, I've had a lot going on lately. I've been pretty down but I'll manage. Matt is probably sick of me crying all the time. It seems that's all I do.

School is hardcore kicking my butt & I know the next two semesters are gonna kill me. I'm pondering the thought of staying at Winthrop an extra semester. It might make things a little easier for me. I don't know. All I know is I'm not so good at this college stuff. Can't I just runaway to Africa?

Last weekend I went to Columbia with my mom to keep Cameron & Devin. They are growing up to be some cuties! Every 30 seconds Devin would just call out my name...not wanting anything but just making me turn around and pay attention to him. I loved it...hearing his sweet little voice call out "Sarah". We went to EdVenture and had fun there (despite the fire drill). It was nice to spend time with those boys again...I still miss them.

Sunday Matt & I had nursery duty at church. Between bouncing, scooting, grinning, and pooping...we had a fun morning. I can't wait until I can have kids of my own (don't worry's not gonna be anytime soon).

I've had some hardcore smack in the face stuff happening in my life lately that has made me really think about my life. It disguists me that I am so freakin sinful and don't even care. I should care. Lately I have been living my life entirely around my feelings. I'm so selfish. I'm at one of those points where I want to change because I know I should want to change but then I really don't want to change. I'm comfortable with my life how it is and I know I shouldn't be. I guess we'll see what happens.

*Good news--the Roasting Co. is staying open due to the "overwhelming support of the community". Yay!

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mourner's Entry

The Roasting Co. will be closing on Friday. ::huge tear:: What are we gonna do without a place to hang out and drink coffee? Rock Hill is going down the drain!