Thursday, October 13, 2005

an early morning of yoga

This morning, for my 8 am comparitive religion class we went to Peabody and were led in some yoga excercises. This was fun and relaxing, but I sure learned that I can't stand on one foot for 30 minutes!

Praise God I have this Saturday off! Matt & I are going to go to the SC State Fair! Yay! You know I've been every year since I was a toddler and I cannot miss out on the funnel cakes, elephant ears, corndogs, fries, and of course my favorite ride, the Feuer Ball! I love love love the fair. If any of you guys are in Cola and wanna join up with us there let me know!

I spoke with my friend, Karina, last night. She's the one that lived in New Orleans. It was great to talk to her and hear that she is okay. And the Friendship House (the transitional housing center for women & children that she works at) got out with not too much damage. Of course there were some people that came to their Bible studies every week and others they ministered to that didn't make it out alive. Please continue to pray for this ministry and those involved.

Pray for Matt as well. He's having a rough time with teaching. Pray that he will find himself and have the strength to go on and do the best he can do.

I got my iPod nano!!! This thing is freakin awesome. I'm loving it! It's definitely a fun toy to invest in!

The African Children's Choir is coming to Westminster next Friday. I'm really excited about this--I saw them when I was younger and they are just amazing. If you don't know who they are, they are a group of African children from ages 5-12 years old who lived in poverty. The tour the world singing and sharing their lives. As most of you know, it is my dream to go serve in Africa and seeing these kids just encourages me more and more. These kids have been given such an opportunity to shine the light of Christ around the world and impact others. It's amazing.

You said, "ask and you will receive whatever you need."
You said, "pray and I'll hear from heaven and I'll heal your land."

You said Your glory will fill the earth like water the sea.
You said, "lift up your eyes; the harvest is here, the kingdom is near."

You said, "ask and I'll give the nations to you."
oh Lord, that's the cry of my heart.
distant shores and the islands will see