Tuesday, October 26, 2004


I just wrote a 5 1/2 page paper in less than an hour! Wow I'm good! Actually it wasn't that hard b/c it was on homelessness and shelters I researched in the area. It was a pretty cool assignment. I'm definitely getting into this social work stuff. I'm hoping I'm going to do my internship at a homeless shelter or something of that sort.

Matt & I were talking and we really just wanna move to South Africa and work at an orphanage for the rest of our lives...how awesome would that be. But that isn't really a possibility right now. Maybe sometime in the future.

I still don't have my computer. Wanna know why?! It had...no lie...97 viruses on it! What the crap! I sure wasn't taking very good care of my computer! I almost lost all my pics and files but my dad is so amazing he saved them for me! He's still got a lot of work to do on my computer though...so who knows when I'll get it back. On a good note, Matt's mom bought him an amazing laptop for his birthday/graduation/Christmas present. It's really cool!

Matt & I went to the RUF Barn Dance/Hoe Down last Saturday night. I had the greatest time. Square dancing is my new hobby! I for real want to go square dancing more often! And we ate some yummy barbeque and s'mores! After that we (Matt, Bethany, Joe & I) went to Joce's for some home-made blueberry pancakes! We also watched A Cinderella Story, but I took a nap b/c I'd already seen it and I was tired. But man, can Joce make some yummy blueberry pancakes! Overall, it was a wonderful night!

Sunday night a bunch of us went to Joe's Crab Shack for Russell's birthday. Despite the wait, we had a wonderful time and got to do the chicken dance! I love Joe's! You guys better be up for it again because we're definitely going for my birthday!

I'll leave ya with a quote my wonderful roomie, Sarah, shared with us...

"The only time you should take about someone is if you are on your knees with your hands folded."

Wednesday, October 20, 2004


I've got a couple quotes for ya...

"Don't go postal, go coastal" ~Jimmy Buffett


"Dysfunction doesn't come in isolation." ~Dr. Lyman

Anyway, this has been the longest week, which is weird since I didn't even have work or class Monday. Matt & his mom are up in Ft. Bragg right now visiting his dad. His dad is on lock-down though, so they can only see him at night. Today he is going through POW training, which means he has to sit in a room and be interrogated for 6 hours...that's scary. At least they prepare you for that though, not that you can really be prepared to go to war. This war is definitely hitting home with me right now. I've never really had anyone close to me go to war...and now that it's Matt's dad going, it has hit me hard.

What I've got to do the rest of this week:
-Read for my SCWK 395 midterm tomorrow
-Work on my community resource project for SCWK 395, which includes calling homeless shelters around the area and finding out what resources they offer
-Listen to my HIST 102 lecture online (should have done this over fall break)
-Finish up my resume & prepare for my mock interview
-Prepare for the Right Fit seminar at Westminster on Saturday

Guess that's all...not really that much.

I'm heading out now.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Fall Break

Since everyone else wrote a journal entry about their fall break experience I thought I would too.

Let's start with Friday. I went to work like normal & then waited for Matt to get off work. We headed down to Columbia for the fair. We got there around 5 pm and walked around for a while. We fed some animals & Matt got chased down by a llama. And we rode my favorite ride...the Feuer Ball. Then we went to the Newsboys concert & met up with Erin, Nikki, & some of their friends. I felt real old b/c the first time I saw Newsboys in concert, I was in 6th grade. Those guys are getting pretty old, but they can still rock it out. After the concert we all walked around some more. Then, the coolest thing happened...we rode an elephant! Matt & I rode the elephant & Erin, & two of her friends rode it too. While Matt & I are standing in line to ride the elephant, all of the sudden we hear the elephant fart and no lie, his tail moved up & down b/c the fart was so strong! And then it stunk up the place. That was funny. It was the loudest fart I have ever heard! So, after we walked around some more & rode the Ferris Wheel, Matt & I headed back up to the Thrill.

Saturday I slept until noon & was pretty lazy for a while after that. Then Matt came & picked me up, we went to Bojangles to get some food & headed to the Greenway for a picnic & a hike. We had a nice hike & learned all about poisen ivy (which Matt claims he's not allergic to). Then we went over by the horses & pet this one horse for a while. We fed him some grass & he decided to lay his head on my chest & slobber all over me. Nnnniiiiiccceeee! He was a sweet horse though. After we left the Greenway we went to see The Village at the $1.50 movies. Matt locked his keys in the car, so when we got out his mom met us there to give him a key. His mom is driving this really huge truck for a while. So, Matt & I hop in the back & she rides around the parking lot squeeling "yeehaw!" It was hilarious.

Sunday morning Matt & I were introduced to the congregation at Westminster. I love my new church! :) Then his mom treated us to Sake for lunch. I really can't remember what we did after that...maybe I took a nap? Sunday night we headed over to Joce's to watch Saved with Lori, Joce, Jess & Sarah. I thought it was a pretty good movie.

Yesterday I slept almost all day. I got up at 12:30 pm & watched tv for a while. Then I went back to sleep from 2-3 pm, until Matt called me. Then Matt & I went shopping, to Chick-Fil-A, & Cherry Park. Then I came back to my apt and took another nap. Wow man, you'd think I never got any sleep.

Okay, I gotta go to class now. I'll update more sometime.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Life goes on and on and on...

If Fall Break doesn't hurry up and get here I'm gonna go crazy. This week has been one filled with tests and papers. Though I am done with all that, I still have to go to 3 more classes today. I'm working at the PO tomorrow as well, so my break won't really start until tomorrow afternoon. I am feeling very drained right now, emotionally and physically. I'll be fine once I get some rest.

So, I cleaned out my purse the other day & was amazed to find what random things I did. I'm such a dork because I made a list of what was in my purse so I could post it later for all you to laugh at. So here goes...
-one AAA battery
-two kinds of lipgloss
-two kinds of chapstick
-cell phone
-10 coupons for a free bottle of Body by Victoria perfume (if anyone wants one let me know)
-A bag of Hall's Fruit Breezers
-two pads of post-it notes
-4 pens
-2 pencils
-a highlighter
-Tylenol Cold
-Orbit gum
-a spoon
-Eye Openers mints
-face powder

Wow...that's a lot of junk that I definitely don't need.

Tomorrow after Matt & I get off work we are heading down to Columbia for the fair. I'm definitely excited! I sure do love the fair...the sights, the sounds, the smells...the whole experience. We're gonna meet up with Bethany & hopefully Erin there. That will be lots of fun.

My dad has a job interview next week at Greenville County DSS. Keep him in your prayers.

I'm going to leave you with a random funny quote I read in Glamour this morning..."In bed, men are like microwaves and women are like ovens." haha.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Here I am sitting in the library 30 minutes before my Religion 201 midterm and what am I doing? I'm updating my blog. I've studied my butt off & my mind can't take any more religion right now.

If you are wondering why I haven't been online lately, it's because my computer died. My dad is working on it, so hopefully I will get it back soon. I'm so thankful to have a dad who knows how to fix computers!

I guess my biggest excitement has been that Matt & I are officially members at Westminster now. As of Sunday afternoon, I am a Presbyterian! :) We have met so many amazing people through the Inquirer's Seminar and the other things we have been involved in and I love that. I feel so comfortable there and being comfortable in church is something I haven't felt in a long time. I'm so excited to have found such an amazing church with amazing people who live by the gospel of grace and not legalism!

School is school and it sucks. I'm so ready to get out. I truly can't wait until my internship & getting out in the real world of social work. My passion is with the people, not with the textbook definitions.

Lately, I have been learning how to be more honest with myself as well as others, especially in the little things. When someone asks us where we want to eat & we say we don't care when we really do, why do we do that? Why are we so afraid of hurting others & offending them in little things that don't matter? Matt & I are working on this...being open & honest in every situation. I feel like I have nothing to hide from him & I know he won't judge me, yet sometimes I still hold back. Why is that? Human nature I guess.

Alright, I guess I'm going to head over to Kinard & study for a few more minutes before my midterm.

Monday, October 04, 2004

signs of boredom

So, I called in sick for work today. I'm feeling horrible, but atleast my voice is coming back. I'm tired of sleeping, so I thought I'd do this survey (thanks to Chandra!)...

Who/What/When was your 1st:
Best friend: Crystal Campbell
Friend: I have no idea
Teacher: I don't remember, my mom would though...some teacher at Shandon Methodist preschool
Word: you know, I really don't know...that's kinda sad
School: preschool, Shandon Methodist & real school, Rosewood
Favorite Book: Definitely Go, Dog, Go! That was the first book I read by myself!

Who/What/When was your last:
Cry: Thursday when talking to my mom about Matt giving me my grandmother's engagement ring
Laugh: yesterday Joce, Kelly, & I laughed about a million random things (Oh no! It can only hold 1 1/2 pounds!)
Smile: just now, thinking about the fact that I'm really getting married! Craziness!
Frown: I dunno
Friend: my last friend? Well, the last friends I hung out with were my roomies.
Best Friend: Currently I'd have to say Matt, Joce, & Bethany
Book you read: I read the sparknotes for The Epic of Gilgamesh last Thursday.
GPA: somewhere in the 2.6 range...I forgot exactly what

Who/What/When is your current:
School: Winthrop
Friend: I could name a few
Best Friend: already answered that...Matt, Joce, & Bethany
Book you are reading: The Bible & not much else

When was the last time you ate a/an:
Burger: last Wednesday, I think
Sandwich: last Thursday
Apple: It's been a while
Chocolate: When we ate S'mores on Friday night...apparently mice like Hershey's bars too as Sarah Gibbs found out
Fries: yesterday...mmmm...arby's curly fries!
Icecream: When Joce & I went to Coldstone
Chips: I haven't eaten chips in forever
Candy: Besides chocolate, I can't remember
Rice: last Wednesday night at home
Vegetable: Green Beans at Camp T-Bird (they weren't very good)
Chicken: Saturday night at Camp T-Bird

What time did you:
Wake up: I woke up at 6 this morning & a little bit later called in sick to work...then I slept until 11
Take a shower: haven't taken one today
Eat something: Just now I ate some yogurt
Finish this survey: 11:59 am