Friday, November 26, 2004

Wedding shopping!

Today I tried on wedding dresses. Wow! That is crazy yet really exciting! I tried on some very simple yet elegant ones as well as big fru fru ones. I'm definitely a simple girl. I found one that I really like, but of course I'm gonna look around some more before I decide. We went into the Bridal shop on Celanese and got bombarded by this short chunky little Korean lady who said she used to design clothes for Brooke Shields. That lady was hilarious but after a while she gave me a headache. When I was trying on one dress I made the comment that I have no boobs, so her she comes "I've got some for you" and hands me some pads to stick in my bra. It was funny. Anyway, the dress I really like I found at the Bridal and Formal Gallery on Charlotte Ave. And the ladies there were extremely nice and helpful. So, I had a fun afternoon of wedding shopping with my mom.

182 days!

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