Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Trying to get settled.

Well, Matt & I have been in our new "lovenest" for almost a week now and we're still working on unpacking and getting settled in. The kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom are completely finished and now we're working on Emma's room and the living room. The cats are settling in nicely and love all the extra room to run and play (especially at 2 am).

We're still working on the job thing for Matt. He called one of the places he interviewed last week and they haven't made a decision yet, so that's still a possibility. We do not have internet in our apartment and I dropped my computer and broke it (it's in the shop right now), so we have to rely on Matt's old skool ghetto laptop and free Wifi from Community Coffee (CC's). That makes the job hunt a little more difficult. I am here at CC's now and just finished looking through 88 pages of job postings on while Matt went out to drop off his resume at a few places. Keep praying! We are getting discouraged and our money is going to run out soon. We just have to keep telling ourselves that God will provide in His timing and His ways.

So long for now.

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The Beasleys said...

You guys are in my prayers. God has a plan. I know it will work out for you two. Just remember not to stress out to much especially now, you dont want preterm labor. Love ya guys!