Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Extraordinary Breastfeeding!

Yesterday Matt had an interview at Earth Search Inc., an archeology/geology company that provides childcare for their employees. Matt was hanging out in the nursery getting to know some of the kids and parents and notices one of the four year olds walk up to her mother and begin to breastfeed. And then one of the three year olds does the same thing. Matt and I thought this was interesting and see both the pros/cons of breastfeeding older children (although I sure won't be breastfeeding my three year old!). Then today, I stumbled upon this video of a mother who breastfeeds her seven year old. All I can say is, wow. That's an amazing woman right there!

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The Beasleys said...

hmmmm I dont know what to say to that video except that its kinda wierd. I mean, what does that 8 year old tell her friends? I just dont agree. But thats just me. I hope your experience goes better than mine did with Grant but not as long as this lady. LOL Love ya!