Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stream of Consciousness Writing...

(Once again this will be bullet style)

*The life of Mackey=Getting up atleast by 7 am-going to work or class by 8 am-working one of my two jobs or class until about 9 pm. Oh yes, gotta love this life! Add being a newlywed and two baby kittens to the mix as well! :) It's all good though.

*Most of my classes are going well. The only class I don't really enjoy is Philosophy (I mean who really cares about that crap?).

*Matt & I got two baby kittens almost two weeks ago. Peaches and DJ are there names. They are tons of fun but they sure like stink up the apartment with some major poopage! Once I get my digital camera back (my parents are borrowing it) I'll post pictures. If you really wanna see the sweet balls of fluff you can come visit us!

*Matt's dad will be coming back from Iraq at the end of October. It's hard to believe that he's been over there for a year! It'll be nice to have him back.

*I think I've convinced Matt to go to the Jeremy Camp/Bethany Dillon concert in Greenville on Saturday. I love love love both of them...they are such inspirational people who are real about life and it's struggles!

*I got my hair all chopped off! It's all short & spiky...lots of fun to mousse up in the mornings! I love it--I think I'm gonna keep it this way for a long while!

*Matt & I are doing a bible study on Sunday nights through Westminster. It's all about digging in the Word. We do lots of Scripture memorization and applying the Word to our lives. We're loving it. This Bible study is making us sit down and focus on the most incredible tool God has given us to know Him--His Word. Spending time in the Word has been such a refresher for us, during our crazy busy week!

Guess I better go check on the kittens and scoop some litter!

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