Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why I love New Orleans and want to move here...

1. Seeing a lady walking her pet goat (which even had a collar on) in the middle of the road
2. Hearing a “street preacher/mental guy” yelling in a megaphone that “The kingdom of Heaven is near!” and putting on the megaphone siren to get everyone’s attention
3. Real red beans & rice
4. The lights and sounds of Bourbon Street (but sometimes it’s a little too much)
5. Biegnet’s and coffee at Café DuMonde
6. Street bands jammin’ out some real ‘Nawlins jazz
7. the people and culture
8. the Baptist Friendship House (and those who work there)
9. Going on swamp tours when alligators eat parts of the boat off (for real)
10. Watching spiders capture bugs in our wonderful hotel room(video to be posted soon)
11. Cab drivers that have a heart for the city they have always called home
12. Being able to walk/take a streetcar or bus anywhere you want to go
13. Water that doesn’t taste so great
14. The fact that the entire city has wireless internet
15. Riding a trolley=free!
16. All the parks/squares in the city
17. Po Boys
18. All the random stuff you can see at the French Market
19. Hollywood Hustler (haha)

And finally…

20. The rebuilding of a great city after a disastrous event…these people have strength, hope, and determination!

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