Thursday, September 07, 2006

it's a crazy world

So, I got a call from Matt while I was at work last night--his dad's identity has been stolen and someone has tried to charge over half a million dollars on his bank card (fortunately only charged $4000 because all the other charges were denied). How crazy! They had to call the police and file a report, call the bank's fraud department and call all the credit agencies to get it all straightened out. We hear about this all the time but never think it can happen to us. This goes to show, it can happen to anyone.

Other than that scare, things are going well. The gang (me, Matt, Kelly, Paul, Daniel, Jen, & Grant) all went camping in Cherokee, NC for Labor Day. We had a blast and got to do lots of fun stuff. We went rock mining, saw a waterfall, fished, and just hung out at the campsite and ate hotdogs and s'mores. I sure do love camping and wish we could do it more.

My internship is still fabulous. I got to go to Hall Psychiatric Institute (yes, the infamous Bull St) last week. It was a great experience as I had been in private psychiatric institutes before but never the state run ones. It was sad in just the fact that it is run down and just looks so dreary. But in meeting with a psychiatrist and social worker I was encouraged to see that they really want the best for these kids. So, yeah, that was really cool.

This is random, but does anyone else hate the new facebook?

Guess I should get back to working on my agency presentation.

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erin said...

aw im glad your internship is going so well. im in mine too! well as you saw from my proposal from the old man. thats crazy about matts dad's identity..he should go and make one of those commercials with him talking but the other person's voice. i love you mackey and hope that you are having a fantabulous day.