Tuesday, October 31, 2006

quick update

Thought I'd share what the past few days have been like. Matt & I began moving stuff to Kelly & Paul's on Friday and continued through yesterday. We actually still have some cleaning stuff at the apartment and some stuff to donate to Goodwill...we'll get that out tonight. I think moving is a great thing to do every few years. It makes you clean out all your stuff and evaluate what you have. I couldn't believe how much junk we had accumulated. My mom made the comment "Just remember when we brought you to college 5 years ago we could fit everything in one van and now we have to have a big U-Haul"...it's true. Granted, I did get married and accumulate some furniture during that time, but I really do have a lot of junk. Makes me wonder where my priorities really lie sometimes.

Our cats are adjusting to living at Kelly & Paul's. We sent Tigger (my 21 year old cat) to live with my parents because we didn't think he could handle living with Brogan (Kelly & Paul's dog). My parents say he is doing well. I'm glad. Peaches and DJ have been staying in our room a lot. Peaches stays under the covers and DJ stays under the bed. DJ has been wandering out some and I think he'll feel comfortable being out of our room soon.

My internship is still going well. I got to do my first home study on a foster parent by myself yesterday. That was fun--I'm sure I'll be doing hundreds more during my career as a social worker.

I'm going to walk across the street now and hang out with Jenn & the kids she's baby-sitting. I'm getting my haircut later (just trimmed I think).

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