Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tales of a Day Off

We had the day off today. This is typically how we spend our days off: sleep in, get up around 11am, go out shopping and to lunch, come home, take a nap, go back out for dinner and maybe a little more shopping, come home by 9pm, clean the house a little, go to bed. We continued our day off traditions today.

We were quite excited about driving around today because we got to use Matt's new GPS system he bought for Sammy Santa Fe. Matt bought a TomTom 700 and it is really cool! It is very accurate and we are loving not having to use a map when going everywhere! We decided that we wanted to be adventurous and try to find a new Wal-Mart, so we enter Wal-Mart into the TomTom and off we go. We get to the Wal-Mart and it is boarded up--never reopened after the storm. Yet another place we go to that is boarded up. I think we have to go to at least one boarded up business a week. It must be in the newcomers to New Orleans guide book. :)

Then we decide we're going to a Wal-Mart we know is open. On the way we stop at O'Henrys for lunch and it was great. We walked in and it is one of those restaurants where you throw the peanut shells on the floor, so we knew we were going to like it. We both ordered steakburgers and they were delicious! It was a nice change to all the cajun food we've been eating lately. Then we headed to Wal-Mart. Our mission for today was to find pictures and frames to decorate our living room (upstairs). We were very successful and found some Van Gogh pictures that we liked.

Next stop, Home Depot for a new mailbox. The mailbox we have leaks and every time it rains (i.e. every day) our mail gets soaked. Matt & I couldn't decide on one we both liked at Home Depot, so we then went to Lowe's. We had our first rooftop parking experience at Lowe's (many of the stores here have extra parking on the roof). We walked in Lowe's and the drama began. Matt wanted a "sturdy" mailbox (which I classified as industrial and not homey) and I wanted a "pretty" mailbox (which Matt classified as not sturdy enough to keep the rain out). We ended up walking out empty handed because we just couldn't find a compromise. The mailbox search will continue.

We spent the rest of the day taking naps, playing on the computer, cleaning the apartment, and doing other boring things.

We have a busy, busy day tomorrow. Lots of things to get done for the girls and lots of appointments to take them too, etc. We're also going to take them skating tomorrow night. The fun continues.

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courtney said...

you two are cute. Fun adventures. I want to see a picture of this new car!