Tuesday, July 24, 2007

One heck of a day!

Here's my day.

I start out getting up early to take one of our girls to her court hearing (across the river). Let me just tell you that court hearings are not fun. We waited for 3 hours just for this conversation...
Judge: "How are you doing in your placement?"
Girl: "Good."
Judge: "How long have you been there?"
Girl: "Three weeks."
Judge: "Okay, I'd like to see you again in 90 days."
The end. And the bad thing is, you can't have cell phones in the court building so you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs waiting to see the judge.

Later on, Matt & I were taking the girls over to the main office because we have to meet with a staff member and pick up some documents. Here I am driving this huge 15 passenger van down Magazine Street (which is narrow and there are cars parked on the sides) and I get in a wreck. My first wreck ever--with 4 teenage girls in the car. I was turning left and there was a Yukon parked on the corner of the curb and another car stopped in the middle of the street (not on the right side where they were supposed to be)going the opposite direction and I'm trying to squeeze between the two cars. Needless to say, I was not successful. I knocked the driver's side mirror off of the Yukon. Matt went into the restaurant on the corner to find the driver of the Yukon. The driver was quite mad. The driver of the Yukon and Matt exchanged information while I called the police. Matt told the other guy not to leave and what do you think he did? He left of course! So, we (Matt, our 4 girls, and I) sit in the van waiting for the police and we have the a/c blasting b/c it is HOT outside and then our van engine dies. Gosh...what else could happen?! So, I walked back to the house with the girls (we were right near the house) and Matt waited for the cop. While Matt waits for the cop, he decides to get our car and try to jump the van. It doesn't work...the jumper cables catch fire. At this point I'm really ready for our day to be over! Anyway, the cop comes and says he isn't going to file a report b/c the other guy left and that's good for us. End of that event. Later we find out that the guy has been calling our main office asking when he can get his mirror fixed. Should've stayed at the scene, dude.

My day is not over here, it's only 2 pm and I have to take one of our girls back across the river for a doctor's appointment. I drop her off and am trying to think about what I should do that would make me happy. There is no doubt in my mind where I am heading...Starbucks. I needed (yes needed, not wanted) a venti coffee light frappaccino and a slice of pumpkin loaf. And that's exactly what I got. And I sat there in Starbucks by myself enjoying a little bit of heaven on earth. It was quite glorious. I thank God for Starbucks on days like this (and every other day). :) After I finish at Starbucks I'm driving down the road exploring and what do I find? Target and Ross! Man, I was really happy. I enjoy both stores for a little while and then head back to pick up my girl. My little outing was just what I needed after all that happened today. God truly knows when a girl needs an two hours to her self.

So, that's my day. Other things happened tonight but nothing to blog about.

I did want to share about a cd that I've been loving lately...Lincoln Brewster's, Let the Praises Ring. We bought this cd two weeks ago and it is fabulous. Many of the songs on this cd are songs that we sang at Westminster, so it is makes my heart very happy to hear them again and blast them in the car. And I just love praising my Jesus. So, check it out!

Okay, I'm really done now.

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Mom said...

That picture is PERFECT!!! I read your post before you added the pic and was so surprised when I checked it again and saw the pic. Hope today is a better day!