Tuesday, July 17, 2007

the grown-up world...

Sarah's take:
Sometimes being a grown-up just sucks, you know? Matt & I have been going back and forth trying to get our title for our Santa Fe so that we can get our Louisiana license tag. We made it quite confusing b/c we bought the car & then moved to Louisiana a few weeks later. If all of the paperwork would have been done right, everything would be okay. BUT our title went from the Chester DMV in SC, to being lost, to the DMV in Kentucky (who knows why?!). Matt has been calling around from Carmax to all these different DMVs for almost a month now and nobody has known what to do. Finally, someone tells us that we need to pay our SC taxes and then we can transfer the title to LA. We have to do all of this without the SC people knowing that we now live in LA. If we didn't transfer the title and just paid our new taxes in LA it would cost us $3000 because of late fees (which we couldn't have done anything about). We had to fax all of this stuff to the SC DMV and will pay those taxes and then get our title sent to LA. We will still have to pay LA taxes which will probably be over $700 (Orleans parish is the most expensive parish to live in). I'll be glad when all this is over and we can drive around with a LA license plate. We are currently driving around with an expired temporary North Carolina tag. To sum it all up, being an adult sucks sometimes!

Matt's Take:
So Sarah and I need a Louisiana license plate (Sarah has been online picking out the perfect one since before we had a New Orleans address). Well in order to get a Louisiana license plate we have to have a copy of our title. So I called the Lean holder..Bank of America..and they said they did not even have my account set up yet. So now I've been Calling around to many people (some of who may really be in India with all the outsourcing going on in America) Trying to find the Title to our new car...Sammy Santa Fe...I started by calling Car Max Winston Salem, NC to Car Max Greenville, SC to Chester DMV (they are the ones that process all titles..GO CHESTER!!) No one knew where my title was or what i should do..But they did know how to give out lots of phone numbers. So i gave up to just "wait on it" (as Bank of America told me to). Today i get a call from Car Max Winston Salem asking for our Kentucky Address. I informed them i never had lived there and did not plan to. I reexplained to them that i live in LA and moved and she stopped me and said "Oh I remember you"(persistence does pay off). Now we have found that since no one was on the same page about where we live and need to regiester the car then we have waited so long that we owe like $3,000 in fees and pentaties if we regiester correctly. Well the lady at CarMax told me the loop hole..pay my SC taxes then transfer the registration to LA and pay taxes there. Hopefully that will be less than $3000.

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Blissful Life said...

What a fun blog! We'll have to try that sometime. I hope Sammy Santa Fe get's his title soon. That way we can call him Mr. Sammy. :)