Monday, July 02, 2007

4 hours of waiting...for a piece of plastic!i

Here's our adventures of the rest of this morning/afternoon.

Matt & I headed to the DMV to get our Louisiana licenses. We can't get our tag for our car yet b/c our lienholder still hasn't made up the title (that's another story). First we look up a DMV location online and find one. We go to find it and we do, but it's closed...never reopened after the storm. That seems to happen to us a lot; we find the place we need to go and it's all boarded up. Anyway, we go to another DMV and have to stand in line to get a number to wait in line. While we're waiting in line, we run into the only non-work-related people we know the the city--our friends Kay, Karina, and Melanie. Melanie was coming to take the driving test. How random is that?! Anyway, we wait...and wait...and wait some more...then Matt leaves to get some lunch from McDonald's...and we wait some more. We finally got our licenses after what 12 hours of waiting, which in reality was only 4 hours. We wanted to get a pic of us outside of the DMV to put up on the blog, but we didn't have our camera and Karina left before we got done. So, Karina was nice enough to take a couple pics of the sign for us. :)

After we left the DMV we headed to the carwash (our car was filthy from the trip down) and to the mall. I got a peanutbuttercup gelato milkshake at this place in the mall called Piccomolo (yes Kelly, the same place we got gelato before). It was delicious.

So, here I am, back at home. Matt & I are about to hang some more shelves and pictures on the walls. It's gonna take us a while to get everything settled.

Thanks for the pics, Karina!


Blissful Life said...

I didn't know that the icecream was called gelato... for some reason that makes me think of geleton which makes me think of whale blubber... isn't that what it's made from? Anyways, it sure was yummy!

courtney said...

you guys are hilarious! love the pictures and all the posts! keep em coming!