Saturday, July 21, 2007

The honeymoon is OVER!

Matt & I experienced our first Girls Town fight last night. We heard two of our girls yelling profanity at each other so we walk in the room and there they are on the floor pounding each other (and this was not some sissy girl fight, they had pure rage in them). Matt & I attempt to use the training we received on restraints but it didn't quite work out like it did in practice. One girl ended up punching Matt in the face and attempting to choke him. Everybody is okay and we called our program director and he came over and helped us work everything out. Whew--teenage girl drama!

We also got a new girl yesterday.

And we're going to the SPCA today to hopefully find a dog we like. :)

There's been a whole lot going on!

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Mom said...

My response to your account of the "tantrum" (a couple of weeks ago) was that you had been "initiated." Now I can say that you've been BAPTIZED into group care! No future trouble will seem quite as bad, I think, because you have endured this first one. I'm glad you all survived---with lessons learned, I'm sure. That's what is called EXPERIENCE---and that's why you and Matt will be even more effective family-teachers as time and (experiences ) go by.
Love you and we're proud of you both!!