Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Something funny happened this morning. Here's Matt's version of the story.

Recently i noticed that the front yard was going to need my expertise again. Well today July 18th the man came back asking for our assistant. I informed him again that she does not work as often as she used to. Well he decided to talk to me today. He stated that he had spoken to our assistant a little while ago and she stated our business was low on money and an Old man down stairs was going to be mowing the lawn now. He then went on to say "i saw that the old man had cut it but he did a &*%#$ (bad word) job....It looked like *%$#*!" At this point i simply shook my head and as the man went on and on about how bad the yard looked after "the old man" (ME) had cut the lawn. So the man left and i turn around and there is Sarah and one of our girls rolling on the ground laughing. Funny stuff :c). Guess ill try to do better next time.

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