Thursday, August 16, 2007

Tales of Pig Tails

Last night our girls cooked smothered cabbage and pig tails for dinner. Yes, you read that right. Pig tails. Sarah does not eat pig tails. When serving my plate I scooped out the potatoes and cabbage, trying my best not to get to much pig tail meat. As I am eating a fork full of the cabbage, I crunch down on something (pig bone). And that's when I realized I accidentally took a bite of pig tail and I gag. I couldn't finish the smothered cabbage after that. I couldn't even watch anyone at the table eat their pig tails anymore. My dinner was over. And I hope I never have to experience pig tails again in my life. I think I'll pretend to be sick if the girls cook it again. And may I mention that Matt loved pig tails and ate every piece of meat off of the bone! Ugh! Be still my stomach!

In other news, Matt & I watched Devil's Playground last night. This is a documentary about Amish teenagers. When they turn 16 they are allowed to go out into the "English" world and then decide for themselves if they want to join the Amish church or stay in the "English" world. Man, those kids are wild. They were living in trailers, dealing drugs, getting drunk every night, and then proclaiming that they were going to join the Amish church. This documentary definitely gave me a new perspective on the Amish and their beliefs. If you like documentaries, check it out, it's eye-opening.

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