Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Continuing our adventure...

Matt has decided that one of his "projects" around the house was going to be to replace the electric sockets on the walls and put grounded ones in. Monday night Matt decided to replace one in our living room. It took about 30 minutes to turn off the right circuit from the breaker because the breaker box was labeled incorrectly. When Matt takes the original socket off he finds that the wires are as old as the house (about 70 years old) and have no label/color code on them. So the task proves to be a little more difficult than planned. Well, Matt replaces the socket and goes to turn the electricity back on and it won't turn on! He flips the breaker switch on and off a million times and it won't work. Oh man! And this circuit goes from our living room into our bedroom and our extra room (we had no living room lights, no tv in the bedroom, and our refrigerator in the extra room was off). And apparently the doorbell is connected to the same circuit so it wouldn't work either. Gotta love old houses! This morning our maintenance man came to check it out and found out there was a short in the circuit. He fixed it and all is well.

Matt had another adventure yesterday. He got a call from our supervisor saying that the Office of Youth Development inspector was on her way and would be at the home in 15 minutes. Meanwhile, I was at court with one of our girls. Apparently, there are a lot of things we should have been doing that we were not aware of (such as keeping a menu log, washing our dishes in bleach, using only bleach for cleaning, etc.)--so if this was the state inspector we would have failed miserably and the house would have been shut down. Apparently Girls & Boys Town knows this and they just know the "right lies" to tell the inspector. Well, Matt & I had not been briefed on lying to the inspector so he told her the truth. Anyway, she is coming back today to tell us exactly what we need to fix before the state inspector comes out. Oh joy! What we don't understand is how they have gotten away with not doing these things in 10 years and now it's all on us! Oh well, life will go on and I'm pretty sure we won't be shut down. :)

That's Matt's recent adventures. My only adventure was sitting in court for 4 hours yesterday. But I wouldn't really call that an adventure, just pure boredom.

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