Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday update

We ship 'em out and get 'em in. One of our girls was discharged on Tuesday. We got another girl in yesterday. I am pretty excited about this new girl. She was SO excited to be here because she has been in jail for the past month. She was ecstatic to be out in the sunshine, take a real shower, have good food, go to Wal-Mart, and play Monopoly last night. And she is so appreciative to us for everything. She has the best manners of anyone in the house. She is definitely the breath of fresh air that this house needed. Hope she continues to stay that way. :)

In other news, Matt & I are getting settled in to our apartment little by little. We unpacked some more boxes the other day and bought a computer desk for the extra room. It's coming along.

We are elated that we are getting the outside of our house painted! It is in desperate need of some good new paint loving. Someone is supposed to come out Monday to look at it. I'll keep you updated on that progress.

It's hot here. I know that all our family and friends in South Carolina and North Carolina are enjoying the record breaking heat there too. Our heat index is 115 today. We are pretty much staying indoors unless we got to the store or something. I went out to sit on the porch swing a little while ago and could only stand the heat for about five minutes. And our grass desperately needs to be cut but it's so hot even early in the morning and late at night. I think Matt's going to bear the heat tonight and try to get it done. I am wearing shorts more than ever. And drinking lots of water. Hope you all are doing the same.

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