Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Husband

This post is dedicated to my sweet husband, Matthew.

First, I would like to ask for your prayers. Matt is going to the hospital for a sleep study tonight. He has been having much difficulty sleeping at night and is exhausted during the day. We are glad to finally get this sleep study done to get some answers to his problems. Pray that all goes well and we will get the results quickly.

I also have to say that my husband is just fabulous! Today he decided to e-mail the New Orleans Saints to see if we could get some tickets for the girls. Lo and behold, he got a call back this afternoon and we got free tickets to the Saints/Panthers game on October 7th. I am very excited as this will be my first NFL game!

So, my husband is a fabulous man and needs your prayers tonight. The end.


Mom said...

WOW! Against the Panthers, even! I'm only a little jealous! Congratulations on the tickets ---and we're praying for Matt (and you) tonight. Love you!

courtney said...

that's awesome about the game! and i'll say a prayer for matt tonight, hope they figure it out.

Blissful Life said...

Aww.. will you be sleeping by yourself tonight? You guys, as always, be in our prayers. And I'm not sure who is going to enjoy the game more... You guys or the girls?? ;)