Saturday, April 07, 2007

The Road To New Orleans: Day 1 (Atlanta)

Matt & I got up this morning and Matt headed to Goodyear to get the oil changed in my car while I finished packing. After all of our final stops in Rock Hill (the Post Office, CVS, McDonald's) we ended up leaving about 10 am. We had a nice drive and got to Atlanta somewhere between 2-3 pm. While we were driving, we decided we would try and go to the Georgia Aquarium. We made our way downtown and found parking after a few minutes of driving around. We found out that tickets to the aquarium were sold out until 5 pm and in order to get tickets for 5 pm you had to get there at 4 pm. So, we had some time to kill. We walked around the Olympic Centinnial Park and took and then headed to the CNN center and walked around there. Eventually we made it back to the aquarium and there were still TONS of people there. And then we saw the sign that said tickets for adults were $24.00. That ended our adventure at the aquarium. We decided that was too much money to spend when it was so crowded. We'll go back another time. We then drove around trying to find Underground Atlanta...we were unsuccessful even though we had a map. So we decided to head to our hotel. This begins the next part of our adventure...

We get to our hotel (a Days Inn) and it looks kind of sketchy. We walk in and have to wait for a few minutes because the desk staff was cleaning rooms (apparently they were running late with the cleaning schedule). We get our room and start bringing our stuff up to the room. Matt went back down to the car to get my bag and I stayed in the room. I then stepped out the door to tell Matt that the curtain was broken and we needed to change rooms. As soon as Matt saw me step out of the door he told me "Get back in the room" in quite a stern voice. At that point, I knew something dangerous was going on. Matt then continues to tell me that there is a man with a gun downstairs. Turns out that two of the staff (a male and female) were fighting over their job duties and being worked too hard. The man then starts threatening the girl saying "I'm going to blow your head off with my gun" (I've left out a few choice words). Another man nearby was trying to calm him down and the lady got out her phone and was calling the police. We don't really know what happened after that. We stayed in our room and never saw the police. We're not sure if the man really had a gun or if he was just threatening her. Matt went downstairs later and the girl was gone but the guy was still there working. Guess he calmed down. That was quite scary though. We definitely contemplated going to another hotel. Good thing were only staying here one night!

We were planning on going to church tomorrow for Easter but the churches we were thinking about (Perimeter or North Point) are both 50 minutes away from where we're staying. We're googleing churches in the area now. We'll be heading to New Orleans after church (if we can find one to go to).

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