Monday, May 12, 2008


This morning I took a drive through the Lower 9th Ward. I do this on occasion to bring back the reality of Hurricane Katrina. Almost three years after The Storm, there is still so much devastation in this city. This city (and the rest of the Gulf Coast) will never be the same. Thinking of it makes my heart hurt. There are no words to describe the pain and suffering that these people have been through and continue to go through. The pain is very real and very raw. Conversations almost always end up going back to The Storm. You do not have to look for pain and suffering in this city--it is right before your eyes--the homeless, mentally ill, poor, hungry, needy, they are everywhere. These people are the reason I love this city. I have such a desire to just love on these people. I desire to sit down and here their stories, their pain, their suffering. I desire to show them there is hope. I want to be their friend and neighbor and a listening ear. I have a passion, a passion for these people. A passion for New Orleans.

Will It Be You?
Lanaia Lee

I am from a city that used to be
A city, that was famous for Mardi Gras, jazz, and blues
A city, three centuries old, my choices are few, all I can do now is flee
A city, where it's citizens, had to pay tremendous dues.

Being a child of ten, I am very terrified and scared
Separated from my parents, I don't know if they are alive or dead
Looting, shooting, fire, all this, some people had the gall to dare
Leaving those like me, to survive on their own, I just want some clean water and to be fed.

Where do I go? What do I do?
Being held prisoner, by the water, that is so toxic and lethal
Please, tell me what to do, to this question, the answer, I have no clue
Life is gone in this great city, now that is nothing but a hull.

I see people below, as I watched from the second story, of a devastated house
Plain people, I am scared, where oh where is my helping hand?
I am trembling, like a timid little mouse
This once beautiful place, is no more, please someone, to me extend a helping hand.

No food, or clean water, will I die from this over powering hunger?
For days on end, I have watched unthinkable things, as they are done
A place, where tons of people used to come, but now today, they must deter
People are desperate, some are even carrying guns.

So see, I am very scared, during this time, I am completely alone
But, I am just a child, I really don't know what to do
This once, beautiful city, the aftermath, life as we knew it, is no more, it is totally gone
Someone help me please, I am so sad and blue.

I extend my hand for help, will it be you?
Giving me a second chance to live?
My parents, I fear, they are dead, someone help me start a new life, I feel I have paid my dues
So, to all the survivors that need help, will it be you?


Karina said...

I feel this pain too Sarah...its a such a real pain and I don't think alot of people quite understand it...esp. if you've never let this wonderful city "get" to you, you know? Its in your skin now, huh??

I can't seem to get over Hurricane Katrina...I think about it just about every day. And I know if I do this that everyone else here does too...and I can't even begin to understand what those people that stayed in New Orleans after the Storm feel...

I wish we could make the country understand...Katrina just didn't happen in 2005 and it went away... .ITS STILL HERE! We still see remnants of its damage...on physical structures and in people's lives... We are still dealing with the aftermath of this Storm...I don't think many days go by when I here someone mention "Katrina"--whether in CC's coffeehouse, Walmart, gas the center... we still talk about it b/c WE ARE STILL LIVING IT!

How can we get over this? How can we heal? We are trying and each day is another day we are BLESSED...but it doesn't go away. The past never goes away... its always a part of you... it creates so many different pieces that make us the people we are today.........

And this girl is still hurting too. Why? I lost no material possessions...what I lost was a City.

Hopeful said...

wow. this post reminds me of when we went with crusade to Pass Christian Miss. to do some relief work... it makes my heart too!! What an honor for those people to have you to love on them...