Thursday, May 15, 2008

I've lost my belly button!

Here are a few things that pregnancy has done to me in the past month (just to scare all my friends who haven't had kids yet)...

*My belly button is gone, well, not completely. My innie has not become an outie but because my belly has stretched so big, my belly button whole is tiny! Sometimes I can barely find it!

*I now have plantar fasciitis, in my left foot, probably due to my weight gain. Basically my foot hurts really bad and it's not much fun to stand or walk on it.

*My feet have gotten HUGE! None of my shoes fit me anymore, not even flip flops or my crocs.

*The stretch marks have come in abundance!! I went 8 months of my pregnancy without any stretch marks and then they all appeared at once! And my scars from where I had my belly button pierced have stretched to be like 3 inches long! I would like to thank Amy for my Burt's Bees Belly Butter--it is my faithful friend and will continue to be!

I could share lots more, but I'm going to stop at that. I don't want to scare too many people!

Oh yeah, I will get Matt to take pictures of my 39 week pregnant belly today and post pictures soon.

1 comment:

The Parks said...

The good news-your belly button will return.
The bad news-it will look nothing like it did before!
Hahahaha...our poor bodies!!