Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blue Light Special!

Early yesterday morning, Emma was diagnosed with Jaundice and the doctor told us she would need to be under the bilirubin light. She spent all day in the nursery under the "blue light" and I only got to be with her when I was nursing. She will stay under the light again all day today. They will take her blood again tonight at 6 pm to see what her bilirubin count is to see if she can go home tomorrow. We also might have to come back Monday (outpatient) to put her under the light some more. This has been difficult for us as she is in the nursery and I can only hold her when I am nursing. We miss her and my hospital room is very lonely without her. Pray that we will all survive this! It's only a minor setback, but it is still difficult. Here are some pictures of our "blue light special".


rufjeff said...

This happened to Wilkes too. We got to take him home, though, and the hospital sent a light bed home with us (expensive!). It wasn't fun for anyone, but he turned out OK. Be encouraged!

Blissful Life said...

She is such a trooper and she'll have a nice tan!

Teacher in the middle said...

Both Caleb and Sarah had this same issue. Caleb was REALLY bad off and ended up back in the hospital at 5 days old...we asked to leave Sarah in the hospital until the bilirubin was 10 and going down. Don't will pass and stay strong.