Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Raindrops keep falling on my head

Here is my husband's account on the rain/flooding yesterday in New Orleans.

So for some odd reason while the rest of the country is having rabid forest fires (south California), droughts, and back in SC water restrictions, We here in New Orleans are taking on water. I checked the weather last night to see if it was going to rain because i was going to finish my landscaping timber project today on my day off. Well it said something like "scattered showers". They lied....It began raining this morning and has not stopped since, Urban Flooding is so bad by our house that i had to walk through 1/2 ft. of water on the sidewalk going to the Circle K just down the street. Lucky for me I have my Crocs (i used to hate them when people would wear them, but they are just SOO useful). Poor Bella the dog had to go potty on the cement because all the grass had at least 3in of water on it. When i find my camera PC cord i will post a video of my walk to the circle K....Pray for the people in the city because Sarah and I live in one the highest parts of the city. Most of the girls schools have been canceled because of flooding, i guess part of the "charm of the city" is all the water we get to experience. I should get my Kayak from the storage unit and go for a "paddle"...Ahhh the joys of New Orleans.

And here are a couple pictures Matt took in front of our house. We have some videos but I can't get them to post for some reason.

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Blissful Life said...

So you're mission is to smuggle all the water you can to SC. I'm sure you can put it in milk jugs and bring it. And when did Bella the dog return to the Park's household??