Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is a big deal in New Orleans. It's been fun to see all the houses decorated (and I mean these people spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on decorations) and people all dressed up today. We carved and painted pumpkins at our house and it was fun. I love carving pumpkins. And I love roasted pumpkin seeds even more.

We got tickets to the New Orleans Hornets (remember when they used to be the Charlotte Hornets?) game tonight. I was pretty excited b/c it is their opening game, and being Halloween they were passing out candy and having a costume contest. Well, on our way to the game, I was just fed up with all the loud voices and yelling, so I told our girls to not talk for one minute. Of course, one of our girls says something, so I give her negative consequences (they are on a point system) and she accepts her consequences and all is well. Right after that, another girl talks, so I give her negative consequences and she just blows up--hollering and yelling and cursing. At this point I told Matt to turn the van around and take me and the girl home. When we get home the girl continues to be non-cooperative and walk around our porch cursing and yelling. Then she decides to put baby oil all over the pumpkin I carved. That kind of cracked me up b/c I guess she thought it would make me mad or something. So, here I am, at home, bored, on Halloween night. At least we have the day off tomorrow.

Actually, we had the morning off this morning. Our wonderful assistant decided to switch her schedule on Wednesday and Fridays to work from 6am-4pm instead of 12pm-8pm. That means on those days we don't have to get up at 5 am and work the morning shift before the girls go to school! Hallelujah! Just when we are ready to crash and burn, God sends a little relief our way. Thank you, Lord, for knowing exactly what we need and providing rest for us.

I know everyone has been eagerly anticipating the results from Matt's second sleep study. We finally got the results and after some confusion between Matt's doctor and the sleep study center, Matt received his CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) machine yesterday. Poor guy, he not only has to sleep with this machine on, but he also has to wear a chin strap to keep his mouth closed. He did pretty well with it last night, being his first night with it on. It was a little uncomfortable but he got through the entire night with it on! I was so proud of him. The only problem is that the cats like to play with the tubing from the machine to Matt's face. Guess we'll be pulling out the spray bottle again to have to discipline them. Here's a picture to give you an idea of what the face mask looks like. Poor, poor Matt. Pray that this will be a smooth transition and he will get used to wearing this machine (because he will most likely have to wear it for the rest of his life).

In other news, my morning sickness is getting much better. I actually haven't even had to take the nausea medication the doctor gave me. Today was the second morning that I haven't thrown up and my appetite is definitely getting better. I still have trouble eating meats (mostly beef and chicken), so it's been hard getting enough protein. I have been enjoying jelly biscuits from McDonald's and croissant sandwiches from the bakery across the street (I know I'm not supposed to eat much deli meat so I limit these, but it's hard because these sandwiches are SO good).

I guess this has been a long enough post. 8 more days until we're in the Carolinas!

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Blissful Life said...

Aww.. I'm so sad for you Matt. It makes you look like those pink 80's cartoons that I keep telling people about and noone remembers... Can't wait to see it in person!