Saturday, October 13, 2007

Busy week

*Note: I'm watching the South Carolina vs. North Carolina game so I might get a little distracted during this post.

On Wednesday morning, I took one of our girls to the Children's Hospital ER because of severe stomach pain. I was hoping that they would just tell her to take some Colace and then send us on our way. Boy, was I wrong! After sitting in the ER room for 6 hours, the doctor came in and told me that they detected I high level of glucose in her urine and wanted to do test her blood sugar. I few minutes later, a nurse came in and checked her blood sugar and it was 467!!! If you know anything about blood sugar, this is VERY high. The normal blood sugar level is anywhere between 80-120. At that point they diagnosed her with Diabetes and admitted her to the hospital to get her blood sugar down. I spent three exhausting days in the hospital with her while they pumped her full of fluid's and gain her a balanced diet. (Side note: South Carolina just scored a touchdown! Go Cocks!). Anyway, her diabetes is manageable with pills, a balanced diet, and exercise. She has to check her blood sugar four times a day. We were well-trained at the hospital and feel comfortable with all of this, but it means lots of changes for us as a house. We are so thankful that she is okay and has a very manageable form of Diabetes.

While I was at the hospital, Matt was taking care of the other 5 girls, with the help of our wonderful assistants. It was a pretty rough week for him and we are both back to get back to our "normal routine".

Well, it's football season, which also means it's State Fair season. I am sad to miss the SC State Fair this year. I cherish the memories of that fair and hope to oneday take my child(ren) to share in those experiences. I was hoping that maybe Matt & I could go to the Lousiana State Fair but I looked it up and it is 5 freakin hours away! So, I guess that's a no go. So sad. For all of you going to the fair please eat a funnel cake and corn dog for me.

Okay, I'm going to get back to this football game. Let's go Gamecocks!


erin said...

Sarah....I ate an elephant ear for you..and a bite of a fried milky way. and get this..this year they have fried pepsi! its dough saturated and soaked in pepsi and then fried. not so sure about it. but we are taking the epworth kids tomorrow. lord have mercy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah ---- We went to the fair last night and I ate a corn dog just for you -- I did not get a funnel cake but we did split an elephant ear -- Hope you are feeling better -- I'm soooo excited and the baby -- The new Singles minister and his wife just found out they are having twins in April or the first or May -- Love ya, Miss Kay