Monday, March 21, 2005

is there anyone out there?

So, as you can figure, I have a million things to do for school but I'm sitting here updating, just like any other college student would do. I feel like writing bullet style today.

  • I went to David's Bridal with Kelly this afternoon to buy her wedding dress. It is geourgeous and she looks like a beautiful princess!
  • Kelly's gonna borrow my tiara for her wedding--I'm excited that I get to share it with her!
  • This wedding planning stuff is a whole lot funner now that Kelly's engaged.
  • Paul Edinger is one pretty cool kid.
  • Spring Break went by super fast and I feel like I didn't do anything but sleep (which really is the truth).
  • Sleep is my idol.
  • Matt finally went to the doctor and got a bunch of medicine, but he's still sick. Boo!
  • I have been drinking lots of Light Hawaiian Punch lately. Yum!
  • We had a sleepover at the "club" (aka gym) last Friday and it was tons of fun. Tamica, Joce, & I got to play lots of silly games!
  • My mom bought me a new cookbook and I'm really excited about it! Matt is excited too because now I'm going to cook for him.
  • I've been baby-sitting more and I'm so glad. I really have missed it. I'm going to keep Caleb, Sarah, & two of their friends all day Friday so that will be an adventure. Those are some crazy kids!
  • My desire for learning how to surf has come back. I really want to go to the beach and take lessons. That would be freakin awesome.
  • I wish I was going to see Maroon 5 tomorrow night in Charlotte. But it's all good because in two more weeks I get to see Ashlee Simpson!
  • I'm upset because I cannot find the wheels, trucks, & hardware for my skateboard (I took them off a while back). I really want to skate and don't want to buy more!
  • Last Friday I went up to the Charlotte Coliseum with my mom to watch Duke & UNC in their practice rounds for the NCAA tournamant. I thought it was pretty cool.
  • 75 days until my wedding! Woowee!
  • I want people to comment on my blog.

Think I should go do some schoolwork now? Guess so.


kenjihara said...

Congratulations on your engagement. I think I'm going to elope, myself.

erin said...

sarah mackey-
sleep too could be my idol, but wait i don't get to do it enough to worship it. light hawaiian punch is the best diet kind of drink ever. and tell matt i hope he feels better. 75 days man..not long at all...crazy!

Anonymous said...

Hey Girlie--
Have not seen u in like FOREVER. I hope all is well! Sounds like you are keeping really busy. Maybe i will run into you one of these days. Well, Have a great week darlin.