Wednesday, March 30, 2005

acid reflux sucks!

I must be a true Ashlee Simpson fan...suffering with acid reflux right along with her. It sucks.

3 more days until Matt & I see Ashlee Simpson in concert! Wow--I'm so freakin excited!

Not too much has been going on lately.

Matt called his doctor & got some new medicine so hopefully it will help.

Matt & I decided to go to Charleston for our honeymoon. We were planning on going to New Orleans but we figured we wouldn't have much time to do all we wanted to and it would be cheaper to go to Charleston. I'm excited. I love Charleston!

I am so tired of classes and schoolwork. I'm so ready for this I can get married and play with little kids all day!

My family (minus my brother) spent Easter afternoon at the Parks' house eating and talking wedding plans. We had a nice time. Things seem to be going very well with all the family stuff. And Matt's mom is buying us a really nice bedroom set for our wedding present!

Today I signed up for a free 14 day trial of Napster and it is super-dee-duper.

That's the end of tonights blogging.

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erin said...

i think you should get mrs. parks to throw in the zebra butt picture along with the bedroom suite.