Sunday, November 02, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Here's for another Not Me! Monday with MckMama, who had her precious baby Stellan last week!

*I did NOT eat potato chips, french onion dip, and cheesecake for lunch yesterday. My eating habits would NOT be the reason I am not losing weight.

*I did NOT take Emma to the mall today, just so I could eat Chick-Fil-A and my daughter definitely did NOT keep smacking her lips and trying to grab my food while I was eating.

*I did NOT go trick or treating on Friday with some friends even though our babies definitely don't eat candy.

*I did NOT go to a Fall Festival thrown by a neighborhood association for a neighborhood I don't live in and enjoy their free food.

*I did NOT order an entire case of prunes from b/c I don't feel like making my own plums/prunes for Emma.


Deborah said...

Just wait, as Emma ages she will be even more of an excuse to "not" eat junk. Believe me I know! How precious she must have been out Trick-or-Treating!

The Beasleys said...

I love the one about the neighborhood. Daniel and I both laughed hard at that one!

Julie Davids said...

Okay, Chick-fil-a is the best, so there doesn't need to be an excuse to go there! And I like your! :)

Hall Family in MD said...

Now I really want some Chick-Fil-A waffle fries and we used to trick or treat in other people's neighborhoods when we lived in TX because no one gave out candy in our neighborhood...and i never felt guilty about it =)