Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Thoughts on this Election Day

This is quite random, but here's what's floating around in my head right now...

*I am glad that I voted this morning (at 6:30am). I, along with the rest of the country, feel this is a very important election. I know that whatever the outcome, God is in control. I am also glad that I didn't have to wait in line to vote--in and out within 10 minutes.

*Do not place your reflux baby by the laptop when you burp her. She WILL spit up!

*Prune colored spit up is not pretty.

*I love my new jogging stroller I got off craigslist. It's a cheapo, but we're saving up for a Phil & Teds.

*I can't believe that my Mom and Kay are going to be here in THREE days!!! Emma will be so thrilled to see her Grammy & Aunt Kay!

*I hope we are able to get rid of a lot of junk at our garage sale on Saturday. I'm tired of living in a cluttered house. And we need to get rid of the clutter because Emma will be all over the place soon!

*This crazy hot/cold weather is making my sinuses go haywire!


Steph said...

I just wanted to say hi! I got your blog from the BBC thread. Im Konnor and Coles mommy. Love your blog and you little one is adorable!!

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