Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me! Monday

This might be my best ever Not Me! Monday. Head on over to MckMama's blog to check out all the other Not Me! Monday posts.

Okay, here goes. I have to take a deep breath before writing this.

Emma most certainly did NOT leak poop on her pants this morning, which did NOT cause me to do a load of her laundry. I did NOT step outside to get her laundry going (our washing machine/dryer are on the back porch) and when I am finished getting the laundry in the washer find that the wind had NOT blown the back door closed and of course our back door does NOT lock when it closes. I was NOT stuck outside in my bath robe while my sweet Emma was hanging out on our bed in her boppy. I definitely did NOT freak out and contemplate breaking the window in the door to get back in. I then did NOT walk around front and pray that our downstairs neighbor was home so I could use his phone to call Matt. I did NOT call Matt and have him convince me not to break the window, but to have him rush home from work (which is NOT on the other side of town) to let me in. I did NOT sit down in my neighbors place playing with his dogs while NOT freaking out about Emma being upstairs. Matt did NOT make it home in record time--20 minutes flat. Matt did NOT open the front door and then find that the door between the living room/Emma's room was locked from the other side to keep it closed. Matt did NOT proceed to run around the back of the house (with a bum knee) when he heard Emma screaming. Matt did NOT kick in the back door when the key wouldn't work. And most definitely, we did NOT love love love on Emma when we finally got to her.

Oh my gosh--I really hope that this is the last Not Me! Monday that entails a story of this sort.

And just so you know, Emma is fine. She was still laying on the bed, just upset b/c she didn't know where everyone was. We are definitely going to make spare keys now and hide them somewhere!

Be sure to check out Matt's account of the excitment


Rochelle said...

Wow, what a great story!
Watch this will happen to us now.

Joe & Rochelle Parks

Stacy said...

What a morning for you!!

I locked the keys in the car while my 1 year old was in his car seat.And to top it off it was getting dark outside and he was crying.

Matt Parks said...

Poor Sarah! I still KNOW your the BEST mom ever. I love you, and our sweet baby loves you!

He And Me + 3 said...

I totally did not lock myself out of my house last week either. Glad everything turned out ok, but what a scare.

The Beasleys said...

Don't worry...Emma forgot all about it already! Thank goodness they can't remember things like that! I can only imagine what Logan would have done...the little monkey that he is!

Laura Ashley said...

That is so awful! I can't even imagine how you felt! I'm so sorry that happened to you guys!

Kameron said...

I think it is so cute that your hubby left you an encouraging comment! It must have been scary for you! I'm glad every thing was fine. :o)

Ashley Griffin said...

dont worry... she'll never know!