Tuesday, October 21, 2008

5 months

Dear Emma,

I cannot believe that you are 5 months old today! That means that in one more month, you will be half a year old! You continue to be such a happy baby and bring us so much joy. You smile ALL the time! You love to play with your toy duck and whooz-it...well, really you just like to eat them! If you do not have a toy in your mouth, you have your hands in your mouth! We keep waiting on that first tooth to come through! You are now successfully eating rice cereal. It took a little while for you to understand the concept of opening your mouth, but now you are doing great at opening right up! You have tried sweet potatoes once as well as apple sauce and loved them both, but both made your tummy upset. So, we're just sticking to the cereal for now. You have discovered a new game that entails you grabbing Mommy's nose and shoving your hand in her mouth! You think it is so much fun! You have been making lots of friends at the different playgroups that we go to. You love to look around at other babies and even hold their hands! You have a sweet little boy friend named Liam and he was born the day after you. You and Liam enjoy tummy time together and sitting in the grass at the park. You also enjoy swinging at the park and today I let you slide down the slide while I was holding you and you thought it was the greatest thing ever! You love to go on walks and look all around. You are such a content baby and we are so blessed by you.


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