Tuesday, September 16, 2008

When you have a baby...

*sleep seems less important

*you become a morning person

*you talk about poop on a daily basis and even get excited about it

*you forget to eat sometimes

*you don't shower at normal times of the day (and when you do, it is a luxery)

*you find joy in grocery shopping without the baby

*you wear your worries and fears on your sleeve

*you find that your baby's pain feels worse than your own

*you no longer rely on a clock--the baby sets your schedule

*coffee becomes a necessity!


courtney said...


Hopeful said...

aww!! This makes me really want to have a baby... We are so not there yet though!!

The Beasleys said...

I dont think I will ever be a morning person!!!! I agree with the one about poop though. I can remember say " Did you poopy?" in a cutesy voice to both of my boys, I still do it to Logan!!! Love ya girl!