Sunday, September 07, 2008

Not too much going on

I don't have much to write about, but wanted to let you all know we are safe at home in New Orleans. We returned yesterday and had no damage (just a nasty smelling fridge!). Seems that most of the damage consists of trees, limbs, signs, and stoplights down. Our power company (Entergy) did an awesome job restoring power to the city. There is still lots of damage in other areas of Louisiana and many are still without power, so please continue to pray for them. We are watching Ike closely and praying him away!

Of course, I had to post some pictures of our evacuation adventures!

Emma and I at the Beacon in Spartanburg.

Our sweet friends made Matt a "Congrats" cake for his new's a dig site!

Sorry Emma, you know Grant loves to hold you!

Emma holding her Grandpa Parks finger.

Emma's first real mohawk (and her crazy Daddy)!

Apparently, Emma likes computers too.

So tired.

Cousin Will cautiously touching Emma.

We had a fun visit with cousin Will, Aunt Amy, and Uncle Michael.

Our other babies (DJ & Peaches) sleeping at my feet.
They were just as glad to be home as we were!

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erin said...

hey im sad i didnt get to see you..but am glad you are back safely..and continually praying for protection through ike. love you and thanks so much for the towels:) i used one this morning:)