Thursday, August 21, 2008

Three Months

Dear Emma,

You are now three months old and as sweet as ever!!! You personality is really starting to come out now. You love to be around people and definitely don't like to be left alone (needless to say, your Mommy doesn't get too much done around the house these days). You are definitely a talker and once you get going don't want to stop. You smile lots and have the cutest little dimple when you do so. You have started to laugh sometimes too. Some of your favorite things to do are: eat (of course!), suck your thumb/fingers, watch ceiling fans, look at windows and lights, go outside, read books, look in mirrors, be sung to, have the wind or air conditioner blow your hair, and play "scary fingers" with Daddy. You are also starting to enjoy looking at and playing with toys. You are such a happy baby as long as you are with others and your reflux isn't acting up. We took you to the doctor last Saturday and you weighed 12 lbs, 4 oz! You are getting chunkier by the day and we love it! You are not much of a sleeper--you "cat nap" lots during the day and still wake up every 3 hours at night. It's okay though, your Mommy savors every precious minute with you. Emma Grace, you bring such joy to your Mommy and Daddy's lives. We thank God every day that He has blessed us with you!

I love you more and more each day,


courtney said...

so precious. I love her dimple.

The Beasleys said...

That is a really good letter! I hope you print them out and put them in a book to give to her on her birthday one year or when she leaves for college. How cool would that have been to have letters from your mom to read whenever you missed her? I would have loved that.