Monday, August 25, 2008

One busy girl!

In the past week, Emma has been quite the busy little girl...

*Emma began sleeping in her crib. She had been sleeping in her pack 'n play in our room.
*Emma is sleeping tons better at night! She is now only waking up once at night. And last night she actually slept TEN HOURS straight!! Woohoo!
*Emma is teething. Lord, help us! She is knawing on everything, drooling up a storm, and we can actually feel a tooth! I've heard of some babies that begin teething early and don't see a tooth break through for months! This might be the case for Emma, because 3 months is definitely early to be teething!
*We have been putting Emma in the exersaucer and she LOVES it! Praise the Lord, I can finally put her down! She loves being able to stand up and likes to play with the toys. She can even turn herself around in it.
*Emma now bats at toys constantly and can even push the buttons on her toy phone. She loves that it lights up and plays music!

Needless to say, she had a busy week last week! We are proud parents! :)


courtney said...

thank goodness u can get some sleep now! so many milestones!

The Beasleys said...

WOW! She is a busy girl! And a very smart one! Logan started teething at 3 months also....good luck!

erin said...

and im so glad i got to meet this busy girl. she is such a good baby! it was good to see yall too:)