Friday, August 15, 2008


Emma is one traveling baby!

New Orleans, LA to Fort Mill, SC=723 miles

Fort Mill, SC to Whiteville, NC=159 miles

Whiteville, NC to Florence, SC=82 miles

Florence, SC to Whiteville, NC=82 miles

Whiteville, NC to Fort Mill, SC=159 miles

Fort Mill, SC to Black Mountain, NC=126 miles

Black Mountain, NC to Greenville, SC=77 miles

Greenville, SC to Fort Mill, SC=112 miles

Fort Mill, SC to Columbia, SC=77 miles

Columbia, SC to Rock Hill, SC=69 miles

Rock Hill, SC to Fort Mill, SC=8 miles

Fort Mill, SC to New Orleans, LA=723 miles

Total mileage=2,397 miles in 14 days!

Whew! And I didn't even count the many trips back and forth from Fort Mill to Rock Hill!

No wonder we were exhausted by the time we got back to New Orleans!

P.S. Emma's not too fond of the carseat anymore. Wonder why?


The Beasleys said...

You could have traveled straight to California with all that mileage!!!!! She was a trooper though...wait till she starts to talk and all that...then we will see how she does with traveling! We miss you guys! We can't wait to see you in November! Tell Matt hello!

Matt Parks said...

You forgot going to Concord Mills