Thursday, August 28, 2008


It seems ironic that tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of Katrina and we are now anticipating Gustav's arrival. Tonight, many of you may be watching college football (Go Gamecocks!) or getting ready for the weekend. That's not the case here in New Orleans. I was driving through the city earlier and many people were filling up their gas tanks, buying water and supplies, cleaning out their refrigerators (people were selling their food on the side of the road), packing up their most valued possessions, and drowning away their sorrows (I saw a sign at one bar that said "It all seems better when you drink"). Matt & I are planning on evacuating tomorrow. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't scared, because I am. I am scared of the unknown. I am scared that as I leave this city tomorrow, that I will leave a piece of my heart behind (even if only for a few days). I cannot imagine what those who survived Katrina are feeling right now. Their hearts must be heavier than mine.

Please pray not only for New Orleans but the entire Gulf Coast, as we anxiously wait to see what Gustav will do. Pray for wisdom for those who will be effected by this storm. Pray for those who survived Katrina, that this storm will not bring back that awful pain. Pray for our government leaders, that they will be wise in their decision making. Pray for safe travel of all those evacuating. Pray, pray, pray. We know that God is in control of all these things.


erin said...

definitely hard.

The Beasleys said...

Praying for you and all of new orleans! Its just so bizarre thats its happening on the anniversary of Katrina. We just have to remember that God has a plan for us all and I really believe that he has plans for you in New Orleans and so everything will work out. Love you Sarah!!!!! (as a side is kinda neat to know we will see you this bad its for this reason)

Tonya said...

Lifting up prayers in SC!