Thursday, June 05, 2008


Yesterday Emma turned two weeks old. She is now sleeping successfully on her back in the pack 'n play. She makes the funniest and cutest facial expressions. She can drink from a bottle (we've had a little more trouble breastfeeding since my infection, so I'm pumping a lot now). She is getting into a routine and seems to be more alert. She truly is precious.

Yesterday was also Matt's and my 3 year anniversary. Unfortunately, I felt horrible and we didn't get to celebrate. I'm sure we will soon. It is so hard to believe that it's already been 3 years. The time has passed by quickly and life has brought many changes in these past 3 years. Though we have had some rough times, I wouldn't change a thing. That is what marraige is about. I am so blessed to have married an amazing man who has such a servant's heart.

*This has nothing to do with yesterday, but I am still suffering from my bacterial infection. It has actually gotten much worse even after taking the penicillin. So, today my doctor prescribed me a new medicine that will hopefully work better. Keep praying for me though--I am pretty miserable. Matt's mom leaves tomorrow afternoon, so we'll be on our own after that. I'm definitely nervous, especially since I'm still sick. Pray, pray, pray!!!

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The Beasleys said...

Happy Anniversary! I am sorry you still don't feel good. I hope it all works out. At least you can pump I guess. You are in my prayers. When you guys are on your own, just remember that God gave you Emma because He knew you would be wonderful parents, so no matter what you think you can do it! I am available for late night phone calls if you need anything!