Thursday, June 26, 2008

pure excitement!

so, i'm pretty excited about quite a few things...

  • going to the ATL this weekend
  • emma meeting her papa (my dad) for the first time this weekend
  • spending time with my parents this weekend
  • spending time with the edingers & the beasleys this weekend
  • going to deeper still (seeing beth moore, kay arthur, prescilla sherir, travis cottrell, and mandisa)
  • going back to south carolina in july
  • the breaking free taping in november at franklin avenue
  • my mom & mrs. kay coming to visit in november
  • the fact that my husband finally has a job thst he loves and looks forward to going to every day
  • that i have the blessing and priviledge of staying home with my precious daughter
  • that emma & i are finally getting better (praise God!)
  • about my friends & their new babies--courtney & mike (baby gus), rene' & nathan (baby annabelle)
  • the fact that emma slept long enough for me to do the dishes this morning!
so, yeah, i'm pretty pumped up right now. :)


The Beasleys said...

Sounds like you have alot to look forward too! I am so glad about matt's job. I wish courtney would put up pictures!!!!! See you tomorrow LOL.

MarySnyder-Joy Filled Life said...

Sarah -- wow! you're making me tired. I just found your blog and noticed your mention of the beth moore taping. I'm going to be there! I'm so jazzed.
Also, I read that you have your masters in social work -- praise you! I work with a nonprofit that advocates for abused and neglected children. There is such a need for more godly social workers.
And that is more precious baby you have!