Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life as a mom

Needless to say, life has been quite busy this week. We have survived our first week on our own (without family here). I am trying to get into a routine, but it's harder than I thought it would be. Most of my day is spent holding and feeding Emma. This girl LOVES to eat! When she wakes up, I feed her (which takes about an hour) and then we have some "play" time. Well, 30 minutes later it seems she is hungry again! She also stays up for about 4 hours at a time (normally an infant only stays up for about 2 hours at a time), but never seems fussy from being overtired. She just won't fall asleep--I just don't get it. We're definitely still trying to figure this little girl out, but we are loving every second of it! Well, I've just put Emma down and pumped, so I better get some sleep while I can!

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The Beasleys said...

That is what Grant did when I was breastfeeding him, eating for an hour and then feeding again like thirty minutes later. We had to start suplementing bottles because formula is heavy. When Grant was two months old I just went straight to bottle because he liked it better and slept so much better. But that's just us.