Monday, February 04, 2008

Krewe of Thoth parade!

So far, Thoth has been our favorite parade. It came in front of our house so we set up chairs and had a blast. As always, you can see more pictures here.

Me sitting in front of our house, staking out our spot for the parade. Like our new house color?

Matt put a bucket in the tree in front of our house to catch things, the funny part is he mis-spelled "something"

24 weeks and enjoying Mardi Gras in the fullest!

Our new lawn ornaments...the brass band that stayed in our yard during the entire parade.

Paulins Brothers Brass Band (who left their beer bottles & cans all over our yard)

It's Thoth!

King Thoth

"Throw me something, mister!"

All the people in our front yard

The view front our front porch

And then the parade ended...the people left...and all the trash remained.

And here's all the "throws" we caught...we did pretty well on this one!


Blissful Life said...

WOW!! I don't know what you comment on first!
**I think I might miss the sea green color, but I do like the new color.
**Your BELLY! Oh my goodness! Its so weird to see you! Reality of our age is setting in... :) How can your mom stand it??
**The parades, throws, Matt's bucket, your porch all look awesome! I wish we were there!

The Beasleys said...

You look so amazing. I am glad being pregnant agrees with you! You look so happy. The house looks good. The parades look like so much fun. I know Grant would love it. I wish we could be there. Cant wait to see you soon!!!!